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What is this world coming to? Seriously! I am quickly losing faith in humankind.  First, Kim Kardashian gets engaged for a third time, and I have yet to rent space on my ring finger to any cubic zirconia, much less a fifteen carat diamond.  Then, my love Pauly D goes and fathers a child behind my back (come to think of it, maybe my attraction to Pauly D has something to do with the caliber of guys I find who aren't proposing—and that's likely a good thing!), and now someone has just gone too far.  TOO FAR!

You want to smash the pumpkin on my front porch?  Go for it, you punk vandal. Your sticky fingers want to take more than your fair share of the candy I leave out on Halloween? Eat away, chubs! But do not, I repeat, DO NOT, defile all that is good and decent in the world…namely Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si Robertson!


Yesterday, we shared with you that there was a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the deviant in Ball Ground, Georgia who stole the community's coveted Uncle Si scarecrow from the town's inaugural scarecrow contest. We can now rest easy, as this fool has been apprehended.

Some immoral young person (go figure…oh crap, I'm totally turning into my grandmother!) from nearby Canton is responsible for stealing–AND BURNING!!–the Si-crow. Once the little jackhole realized what he'd done, he burned the evidence so as not to get caught. Justice always prevails!

The City Manager tells Fox“He was just passing through downtown Ball Ground and thought Uncle Si was pretty cool and wanted him. [He] just didn’t think about the consequences, and I am sure didn’t think there would be so much publicity,” adding,“The young man has expressed remorse — he is sorry for what he did — it’s just one of those things you can’t back up and undo.” He'd better flipping be remorseful!

The Ball Ground Elementary School principal shares, “Long before Uncle Si’s disappearance and unfortunate demise, the Ball Ground community and all those who travel through the city had grown fond of this very life-like creation of this very popular figure from ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame. Needless to say, Uncle Si the scarecrow was a popular figure long before the unfortunate events,” Knott said.

Of course, not only do the people of Ball Ground love their Robertsons, they have also learned from them. One of the moms who crafted Si's scarecrow explains, “To begin with, we were kind of upset; the main reason we had done Duck Dynasty was because of the background and their beliefs and we truly believe in them, and as a community we have to forgive.”  I guess it's hard to argue with that logic, but I still can't believe those pesky kids and their darned rock 'n roll music… 😉 


[Photo Credit: Cherokee Tribune]

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