Despite the fact that Keeping Up With The Kardashian kameras were filming their proposal, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want to keep things private – for now! Meaning, they don't want anyone seeing their big ol' stadium-sized engagement until it airs on the E! special. 

The kouple who had all guests sign confidentiality agreements have now filed a lawsuit against Chad Hurley, a co-founder of YouTube who subsequently sold the venture to Google. Chad is the guy who recorded and leaked the vid of the Kimye proposal and uploaded to his newest video venture MixBit. He then tweeted it to nearly a million followers and issued a press release stating he had the video. 

"Hurley proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the exclusive property rights of someone else," the lawsuit filed by Kimye states according to TMZ. 


The papers filed by Kimye's attorney, Eric George (does he wear Arthur George socks?), state that Chad is using Kimye for publicity to promote his failing video platform.

Kim and Kanye are further outraged that Chad wasn't even invited to the affair but "manipulated" his way in only to exploit them. I guess when you have SO MANY ZILLIONS OF PEOPLE attending your so-called private event uninvited crashers could be a problem… 

Kimye discovered Chad had krashed and they let him stay after he signed a konfidentiality agreement. They even got him to agree to a photo of himself holding the agreement to prove it was signed. The photo is at TMZ. So – wait… I thought Kim didn't know about the engagement and it was a surprise?

Long story short, they want a lot of his YouTube money in exchange for the invasion of privacy. Specifically Kimye is requesting punitive damages and state the video Chad stole is already property of MC Cable Television, the producers of KUWTK of course! I guess Chad f–ked with the wrong tiny rapper and his wannabe Beyonce ladylove. 

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