Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Ex Kieffer Delp Is Back In Jail…Again!

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So, there's shocking, "oh my God, I never saw that coming" reality television gossip, and then there's this. Because, believe me, you saw this coming and will in no way be the least bit shocked. Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans' former boyfriend Kieffer Delp was arrested. Again. You may remember him as the homeless dude who got the innocent Janelle hooked on Ke$ha heroin…and it was all captured by MTV's cameras.

This news is especially entertaining for me because a dear friend of mine texted me last week to see if he was missing out on any Kieffer gossip. This friend practices law in Brunswick County and was appointed to one of Kieffer's cases a while ago. Every once in a while he checks in to see if I have heard how his "old pal" is doing. So, this one is for you, buddy (although you likely knew it before I did)!


Wet Paint has confirmed that the former unlikely reality star is sitting in the Brunswick County Jail after being charged on Halloween with breaking and entering and two counts of driving while his license was revoked. Well, at least he's somewhere familiar, right? By this time, Kieffer should know the Brunswick County judicial center like the back of his pot-pipe carving hand. Bless his heart.

Kieffer is being held on $3,100 bond in the same place where Jenelle's estranged husband Courtland Rogers is currently serving time. Perhaps they can "bond" over their former lady love? Sorry, horrible bail pun! Courtland could be hanging in the BCJ for as long as nine months after failing a drug test. Of course, Courtland doesn't think he was nearly the bad influence on Jenelle as Kieffer was, tweeting before her final season of Teen Mom“It’s funny people think I am a junkie wait till they see this next season on how u did jenelle and got her hooked on heroin … she almost died cuz of u dumbass.”  He's an eloquent one, no?

As for Jenelle, this news doesn't shock her any more than it does any of us (so, not at all). When asked to comment on Kieffer's current situation, Jenelle told Radar Online“I’m not surprised. LOL!” 

LOL indeed. You will also not be surprised that the captions for the majority of Kieffer's Twitter selfies brag about how high he is when the picture is taken. Oh, social media…thank you!


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