Season three of Shahs of Sunset premiered this week – and it was total Lilly Ghalichi overload! The episode focused on Lilly's 30th birthday party, as well as the fact that Mercedes "MJ" Javid was excluded from the party after she failed to RSVP in a timely manner. 

In a recent interview, MJ shared her feelings about the events that led up to Lilly's birthday party, as well as the beyond ridiculous party itself. 

MJ started by explaining how she came to accept Lilly's invitation (albeit late) in the first place. "After the reunion, I never wanted to talk to her again," she admitted. "It was one thing for Mike [Shouhed] and Reza [Farahan] to lash out at me, but to have Lilly, who doesn't even know me, bash me? She had no right. To me, she was just being opportunistic."


MJ continued, "But in between the reunion taping and when we started filming season three, Mike, GG [Gharachedaghi], and Asa [Soltan Rahmati] came to me and said they really thought Lilly and I had just gotten off on the wrong foot. That's the only reason I even considered going to her party." 

As we saw,  MJ reached out to Lilly the day before the party,  only to be told there wasn't room for her.  MJ could not be happier about that now that she's seen the premiere, saying, "I think it was a parade of self-promotion." 

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MJ added, "When I saw Lilly greeting her guests, she was like Vanna White. She didn’t seem to know half the people there.  If she did, why did she keep having to introduce herself?"

"Those weren’t guests, they were spectators at a circus," concluded MJ. "You could see it in the eyes of Mike and Reza and GG; there was no pulse at this party, there was no heartbeat. And the fact that she crowned herself prom queen and wore a wedding dress as one of her changes, that, to me, was just really sad."

MJ took to her Bravo blog to further discuss Lilly's party.  "When I received Lilly's EVITE, I truly considered it the equivalent of a backyard BBQ – come one, come all," she said. "Her favorite thing to do is to lecture the world on how to show class, but maybe she should have budgeted for a party planner. For a formal event, an invitation with RSVP cards to return is more appropriate."

"Bottom line, she attempted to use her party as a grand, public insult toward me," added MJ. "It warmed my heart to see my friends missing me at the party, and clearly, they stepped up to have my back."

MJ went on to say that she's glad she missed Lilly's party in the end. "I really wouldn't have fit in to that type of crowd," she said. "We're Persian and our parties have a pulse – they're not pageants with self-appointed prom queens." 

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Now let's discuss the "makes history" headline!  I nearly choked when I read "Shahs of Sunset breaks new Bravo record" on Bravo Ratings yesterday. Reza will never go away .. I cried .. then I read more. 😉 Shahs of Sunset is the first show in Bravo history to see its season debut lose over 50% of its prior season premiere audience. Ouch! 

Shahs of Sunset's second season debut attracted 2.298 million viewers – with a 1.928 million average for season two as a whole – while 1.147 million viewers tuned in to the season three premiere on Tuesday. Did you watch?


Photo Credit: Bravo 

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