Lilly Ghalichi's Persian Prom Princess birthday party was the focus of Shahs of Sunset's season three premiere earlier this week. In keeping with her too much theme – too much hair, too much boobs, too much makeup – Lilly wrote too much Bravo blog to defend rejecting Mercedes "MJ" Javid's RSVP.

Lilly acknowledged the party was a bit excessive. "But so what?  I didn't ask anyone to pay for it or throw it for me. I did it by myself, for myself." She added, instead of dwelling on the fact that she's 30 and single, "I decided to have an over-the-top, silly prom-themed celebration for the bright future to come." 

Lilly said she had a great time – at least someone did! – despite all the drama caused by her Shahs of Sunset co-stars.  Not by her mind you.  Them.  And maybe Bravo.  But definitely not her.  She's prom queen perfect. 


"MJ and I are not friends,"  stated Lilly.  "She has been nothing but rude and catty with me since the moment she laid eyes on me. Some time had passed since we last saw each other, and since I was inviting four of her close friends to my party (along with 296 of my own friends that do not know MJ), I figured I would extend an olive branch to her and invite her. A new beginning." 

Lilly defended her use of EVITES given the obscene amount of guests. 

"Since so many guests were involved, an electronic invite was the easiest way to tackle the party," explained Lilly. "There were two different invites sent out, one for the dinner which started at 7 p.m., and a second for the party which started at 8:30 p.m.  I didn’t have room to accommodate everyone for dinner, so I only invited my closest friends to that. I decided to invite the entire Shahs group to the dinner. I didn’t want anyone to feel left out."

Lilly said the EVITE clearly stated a timely RSVP was required for dinner. 

"Every single person out of the 150 dinner invites managed to RSVP one way or another, expect for MJ," said Lilly, who then gave MJ's dinner seat to a different friend. "I received MJ's text asking to RSVP to dinner the day before the event. There was zero chance I was now going to un-invite a real friend who I had given her to seat to on the RSVP deadline date so that someone I knew didn't even like me could now come to dinner."

Lilly went on to say she might have asked someone else to give up their seat if MJ were a close friend. Is she for real? Putting aside what Miss Manners would say about all this stuff, because who really cares, I'm sure Mohamed's 48,000 square foot mansion could have accommodated ONE EXTRA CHAIR in order to avoid all this catty drama. Lilly said no to MJ to be a bitch. End of story. 

"To have the group constantly talk about MJ at my birthday party is rude and disrespectful," continued Lilly. "I understand that they are friends with her, and they wished she were there for their own selfish reasons, but this is not her birthday party, and the 296 other guests there are not worrying about her nor do they even know or want MJ there. If Reza, Asa, Mike, and GG were my real friends, they wouldn’t be worrying about it either."

Lilly said several of her friends called her after the fact to say the Shahs were talking about MJ non-stop and making fun of her party and dresses. "I would never, ever attend an event thrown by any of them only to make fun of, or talk negatively about them or their event. That is so tasteless and childish."

Does anyone else remember the trip to Cabo San Lucas? Not an event, per se, but Lilly was INSUFFERABLE the entire time. 

"I am hurt and offended by the group,"  concluded Lilly.  "They have a double standard when it comes to MJ and me, and the shade thrown at me for my party was really unnecessary. With that said, I do feel bad that MJ felt uninvited, it was never my intention to make her feel that way. My intention from the start was to make her feel exactly the opposite, invited, which is why I chose to invite her despite our past."

OMG – this woman is outstandingly annoying! I didn't care for Lilly last season, and I don't foresee my opinion of her changing anytime soon.  I expect Reza Farahan and Asa Soltan Rahmati to turn on her this season in an attempt to redeem themselves with MJ and the viewers. Too little, too late? 


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