In what is the umpteenth case of a reality TV show coming between besties, Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa have gone from friends to frienemies to enemies all in the course of one little Real Housewives of Miami reunion. That's sad. 

While it is sad to lose a friend, Lisa says Joanna is no friend – and never was one! "In between the wedding and the reunion, I was able to see full episodes of the show and read Joanna’s interviews in the press. It became very clear to me she was no friend of mine," Lisa explains to WetPaint.

"You know, it’s funny. In the weeks prior to the reunion, she had started really reaching out to me again," Lisa remarks. "Looking back, I think she was just trying to play me and disarm me."


At the actual reunion Lisa was shocked by how vitriolic Joanna became! "It actually seemed like she hated my guts! I feel like a moron for believing this person was my friend. Other people had warned me she’s a complete fake and a phony, but I had given her the benefit of the doubt." 

Furthermore, Joanna's accusations that Lisa's drinking was the reason she cannot get pregnant astounded her. "I felt punched in the face. I was so blindsided – it was like I was having an out of body nightmare," Lisa admits. "And this was coming from someone who had pretended to be my friend!" 

Lisa now believes that Joanna is reckless and evil. "Joanna looked into my eyes at the reunion and I saw the devil. She’s a dangerous person. People who have nothing to lose, they’re dangerous." Someone has been hanging out with Adriana de Moura lately… 

Her husband Lenny Hochstein is also disgusted by Joanna's attack. "My husband is absolutely livid," Lisa says. "He doesn’t want me to associate myself with that kind of trash, someone who blatantly lies like that. She doesn’t take any responsibility for the things that come out of her mouth."

And now for the most shocking part! Despite previously admitting that rumors she was suing Joanna were untrue and utterly ridiculous, when asked again if there is a lawsuit Lisa gives a different answer! "I can’t discuss that right now," she declares.

You know what this means – she was probably waiting until the reunion aired to see what made the editors cut before deciding to follow through with legal action. Joanna's rabid makeup artist whose on mean girl biatch steroids should also be added to any possible suit! 

As for being able to reconnect with Joanna if there's a season 4 of RHOM, Lisa says, "Who knows what’s going to happen?"

The second part of the RHOM reunion airs tonight on Bravo at 9 PM EST. I can only imagine how vicious things will become. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the slanderous, salacious, cray-cray accusations so make sure to join us! 

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