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Courtney Stodden says being locked in the Celebrity Big Brother house for 21 days gave her a taste of freedom – isn't that ironic? – and now she wants to divorce Doug Hutchison. #PoorDougie #BigGirlSleepOverFail

​I kid. I do not feel sorry for Doug. At all. 

Anyway, Courtney's divorce press tour rages on, and she recently chatted with Fox News about Doug, what she wants to do next, the future of her career, and more. Oh, and she mentioned being the Bachelorette! Can you imagine?


Courtney admitted age played a major role in her decision to divorce Doug.

"Right now I'm just looking to have fun and to grow into who I am as a woman and be single and independent and build my own foundation," Courtney added. "I'm just taking the time to be me and be single and be 19 and to try to be as much as a normal 19 year old as I possibly can." 

Doug and Courtney still live in the same house, however, and he will continue to manage her career. "It's extremely unconventional to live in the same house as your soon-to-be ex," she said.  Why start with being ordinary now, right?  “It's been working out okay – it’s fairly new so I don’t know what the future has to hold, but I hold hope in my heart that we can prevail and remain close.”


About that career Doug is managing, Courtney shared, "I'll keep having fun with my career because I enjoy it. It's fun. It's something I've been blessed with; it's a gift. But it's not my life. And I'm really just focusing on my life right now."

Courtney said she's not thinking too hard ever far into the future. 

"I'm not sitting there strategizing day by day and thinking how can I stay in the spotlight. I'm not stressed out about that at all" added Courtney. "Right now, I'm doing me. I want to be 19 and get my license and focus on that kind of stuff – going out with my friends and meeting new people. That really excites me right now."

Courtney insisted she's in no rush to trade Doug in for a newer model – nor an older one. But if Chris Harrison came a'knocking… “I mean, I wouldn’t say no to the Bachelorette,” joked Courtney. “That could be something fun for me to experience.  I come from a reality background so of course I’m going to explore that here and there. We’ll see what happens.”

Courtney's advice to other teen girls on the hunt for 50-year-old husbands?

"If I learned anything from getting married at a young age is take your time a little more,” Courtney advised.  “I always tell people to follow their heart.  It’s not my place to judge somebody’s life especially their choices in life. All I say is to make sure you're safe – and you’re not harming yourself and other people around you.”

Finally, Courtney said she's grateful for her fans, as well as her haters. “I have a huge wonderful beautiful group of supporters who have really gotten me through this, who’ve supported my decision, and who continue to infuse me with light and energy and confidence to continue on,” she gushed. “And to the haters, they are my motivators, what can I say? So I’m grateful to them too.”

I truly hope Courtney finds happiness – as well as a whole dress – someday.


Photo Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

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