Courtney Stodden Speaks Out About Her Split From Doug Hutchison; Feels Like A Little Girl Again

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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison announced their split after two and a half years of marriage and are now speaking out to assure us that it's not a publicity stunt. 

Courtney sat down with E! news' Melanie Bromley on Friday night to dish about their separation and to share what's to blame for no longer feeling that Doug is her soulmate.

Courtney starts off sharing that she's feeling good about the break up. "I'm feeling good. Obviously any break up is really stressful.  We've gone through quite a bit as of late, but I'm feeling good."

On what went wrong:  "My age, obviously."  When Melanie asks if the split is for publicity, she says "It's not. I don't understand why we would do that right now. How many people were against us, saying that was a stunt".


Courtney thinks her time away from Doug on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK started the ball rolling. "I was missing him and not to get into it, but I wanted to embrace my desires for independence and freedom". 

On Doug idolizing her and putting her up on a pedestal:  "I felt more pressured and responsible that when we got married he lost his family, his managers dropped him, his agents put a pin in his career.  He lost some friends and I became his world".  She continued, "It just felt like there was a lot of weight on my shoulders. "

Looking back, does she see how strange it seemed to us that he was so much older? "Definitely.  I got that it was unconventional. But I didn't get how weird and strange that came across."


Melanie remarks that she feels as though she's interviewing someone who just got out of jail because Courtney seemed so overjoyed and excited.  "Oh that's funny, I love that.  I am happy. I feel like a little girl again. Like just being able to start over. When I was 16 I got marriage license instead of my driver's license."

About her being so sexual toward Doug in interviews by laying on the PDA, etc.  "Again, I was 16 in those interviews. I was 16/17 and had this newfound celebrity. I was a personality overnight so I was like 'god how do we deal with this?'".  Apparently by creeping us out with overly sexual antics.

Courtney says she doesn't mind the "sexual" image she's cultivated.   "No I don't. It doesn't bother me at all. I'm dong my own thing. I'm not ashamed of the way I look, I'm a confident girl, I'm happy. Honestly, I think that's all that matters." 

On what plastic surgery she's had done:  "my breasts and I just got lip injections."

Melanie shared later with Giuliana Rancic that they asked Doug to leave the building during the interview.  After Doug left, Courtney admitted to them that she felt really guilty that she left him and left him with nothing, but that ultimately she's really happy.

Doug's interview is airing on Monday…and apparently his side is different.


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