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This week's Shahs of Sunset left a lot of fans disgusted by Mercedes "MJ" Javid's behavior toward Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi.  I've always liked both MJ and GG, but I, too, was turned off by MJ's actions and flippant attitude. 

MJ took to her Bravo blog to explain why she told Sean about GG making out with another guy at Lilly Ghalichi's birthday party.  Believe it or not, MJ said she was originally sticking up for GG, which could not be more out of sync with her talking heads on the show.

"In the situation where Sean ogled other girls at the club, I felt insulted by his behavior," explained MJ. "I was equally as offended as if it were my man who was eye f—ing other girls, and I felt it to be hurtful and extremely disrespectful. Sean traveled a lot and GG was always questioning his loyalty to her. When I said what I said to him, in my mind at that moment, I was sticking up for her by taking a dig at him."


MJ continued, "I thought he deserved it, and that my comment was one-upping his stares. But, I saw that it totally backfired, at which point I realized I meddled counter-productively, and I removed myself from the situation."

So we saw GG try to talk to MJ about incident – not once, not twice, but three times – to no avail. Why? Because MJ said she walked away from that very first talk in her apartment feeling betrayed by GG! 

"It's obvious that my mischief was a mistake. As much I meant to make nothing more than a playful stab at Sean for acting douche toward GG, she wasn't laughing with me, and I ended up being the douche," said MJ. "She took it, ran with it, and accused me of having malicious intent, which I did not at all have."

MJ explained why she felt betrayed by GG.  "Even though I acknowledged, was honest, fully owned it, and apologized for a momentary lapse of reason, she made a capital case out of it, and it was as though I was never a good friend in all our years of loyalty. Our loyalty which ran both ways. Suddenly, my funds in the bank of GG were depleted to zero. For me, that created something even bigger, it spoke volumes for how much she can f–k up and how I was not given the benefit of the doubt."

"Despite the toils of my friendships, my priority is to stand up and take less shit from people around me," shared MJ. "I love my friends, but I can't take abuse without fighting back for what I believe. Our friendship dynamic is extremely complicated. Our emotions run high when we we're faced with taking sides against each other. Bottom line: we feel loyal to one another, but being honest with each comes at a cost."

Seriously?  Where was this "take no shit" MJ last season?  I guess the rules of friendship do not apply to the great and powerful Reza Farahan


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