Love & Hip Hop Recap: Welcome To The Gunz Show!

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Last night's Love & Hip Hop episode was as ratchet as ever. I love that each show ends with a mini-brawl. It's by far the most high brow show I'm watching these days…um. Of course, last night made me fall in love with Peter Gunz all over again. Swoon. Damn. I couldn't even type that without gagging a bit.

Peter is trying to figure out which lady in his life deserves more attention. He decides that he needs to focus on Amina Buddafly…after all, she is the potential breadwinner. Peter admits to her that Yandy Smith won't let Rich Dollaz sign her to their label because of her and Petey's messy situation. While she understands, she isn't happy about it. She is his wife now, not his side chick! Keep telling yourself that, hon.  She's ready to live as husband and wife now that Tara Wallace knows the truth, but Peter is still spending the night as his kids' house and "working late." Here's a tip, sweetheart. He's not spending the night with his kids, but rather with their mother who may be as stupid as you are. Oh, and that working late thing? Remember when he used to "work late" with you? He's doing that with someone else. However, it's super sweet that Amina believes Peter when he tells her they can't wear wedding rings until he can afford a ring worthy for her. That will happen in about three weeks to never!


Tahiry Jose it trying to put on a happy face while wedding dress shopping with Rashidah Ali, but she's still heartbroken over break-up number fifty-seven with the esteemed Professor. She thought that she'd be saying yes to the dress for Joe Budden, but alas he continues to cheat. However, Tahiry does have some new news to share. Her estranged sister has finally reached out to her after five years of silence. Across town, Yandy and Rich are touring potential venues. Yandy is concerned that Rich isn't carrying his weight as far their professional relationship is concerned. Where is the talent, Rich? She just doesn't understand how hard he works. It's so hard being Rich.

VH1 treats us to gratuitous footage of Peter "being a great dad" and playing with one of his umpteen children. He explains that Tara hasn't let him see his children as often as he'd like since his love triangle blew up in her face. That's funny.  Didn't he tell Amina that he was spending most nights at Tara's apartment? My bad, he strips down to his BVDs and makes himself comfortable on the only piece of furniture in her place…the ugly sofa. He begs her to join him on the sofa, saying he wants to kiss "it" again. He's so classy. Tara laments that it's so hard coming home drunk to her hot ex with the smooth moves. She wanders off to take a shower, and he teases her to leave the door open. From what I can tell, this apartment is roughly the size of a studio room at the Econo Lodge (or perhaps a set on a VH1 sound stage?), so where, pray tell, are the kids?

Poor K. Michelle has parted ways with her assistant over a town snafu, and she's complaining about it to her bestie. Her assistant arrives to make amends with Gatorade, liquor, and organic dog treats. Not enough! K. Michelle doesn't think that she can work with someone so sensitive. Her assistant once cried when K. Michelle made her eat chicken. In the assistant's defense, she was a four-year practicing vegan! It's no dice. K. Michelle is now in the market for a new assistant. And I guess she officially wins the award for lamest story line.

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A teary Tahiry is meeting with her sister for the first time in years. Lexi shares that their father has fallen on hard times. She admits that she's lost touch with Tahiry because her sister gets lost in her relationships. Lexi feels like Tahiry chose Joe over everyone else in her life. Tahiry is confused as to how failed her sister, and she feels badly hearing of her sister's hurt. I'd say she's starting to realize all the things she's given up for deadbeat Joe, but I know they get back together, so…

Amina requests a meeting with Peter in the park. She wants to show him how much he means to her, so she bursts into original song a la High School Musical. He jams, but we all know he is just biding his time until Tara gets drunk again. Peter is wrestling with such a conundrum…he loves two women, and his favorite is whoever he is with at the moment. Hey, remember when Peter said he wouldn't buy wedding bands until he could afford super nice ones? Well, Amina has taken care of that and purchased a fancy ring for Peter. He wonders where the chain is so that he can wear it around his neck…doesn't Amina know that Tara will get upset with him if he sports a wedding ring? These girls…

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Tara and K. Michelle are spending the afternoon together after K. gives a speech to members of the Boys and Girls Club. Tara takes the opportunity to fill in her friend on Peter's secret marriage. K. Michelle explains that guys like Peter are the reason she adheres to her Debarge rule of dating (sidebar, Rhythm of the Night stands the test of time as my all-time favorite song). No curly hair and no light-skinned dudes for K. Michelle! Tara reveals that she got frisky with Peter when he stayed at her house, and K. advises her to stay away. Tara thinks she can just use him for sex, but when she does she realizes just how much she still cares. 

Erica Mena and Cyn are bathing suit shopping because that is what pseudo-lesbians do in their spare time. Erica tells Cyn about her horrific meeting with Nya, and she reminds her of her end of the bargain. If Erica made an effort with Nya, Cyn promised she'd give Rich a chance. Erica invites Cyn to accompany her on her photo shoot to Panama. Oh, and Rich will be there too. Cyn jokes that maybe Rich will get arrested while out of the country. Wouldn't that work out well for her…

Speaking of tit for tat, Rich reminds Peter that he is willing to help out Amina, but he wants Peter to help him work with Erica. Peter wishes that Erica's personality matched her looks. Fortunately for ol' Petey boy, his looks and his personality pretty much go hand in hand. Meanwhile, Tahiry finds out that her sister may have exaggerated their father's dire straits just a bit. They pair meet up again to figure out how best to help him avoid getting him kicked out of his house.  Let's build him a church! Brilliant! The sisters begin to plan a fundraiser to construct a church where their father can both preach and live. Get these girls into a think tank stat!

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Yandy has decided to pick up Rich's slack and start looking for talent for their label on her own. She's meeting with rapper J. Dinero who spits some rhymes. The two bond over having their significant others behind bars. It's hard dating a criminal, y'all!  Just kidding, you know I love you, Mendeecees! At a local restaurant, Peter and Amina are meeting with Rich and Erica. Peter plans to tell Rich that he doesn't want to work with Erica, but Erica may beat him to the punch. She can't stand the sight of Peter. Peter attempts to apologize, but Erica won't let him get a word in edgewise. She calls him a clown, and Peter calls her ugly and "a bad singer." Low, Pete. Low. Erica flings a bread plate, and Peter responds with a drink toss coupled with a mad lunge. He totally would have swung at her had he not been restrained by a poor production assistant. That's a real man for you. Gross. Rich removes Erica from the restaurant, and she promptly revokes his invitation to Panama. Fine by Rich…he realizes that his ex is as crazy as ever!


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