Alicia DiMichele Garofalo’s Husband Gets 7 Years In Prison; Dishes On Joining Mob Wives And Her Own Legal Cases!

Mob Wives Launch Party

The one thing you have to say about Mob Wives is it's authentic! Sadly.

The latest lady to be dealing with an incarceration is new star Alicia DiMichele Garofalo, whose husband Edward Garofalo, a Colombo member was just sentenced to 7 years in a federal prison for extortion. 

Alicia arrived at the courthouse in her mafia wife best to support Edward with whom she has three children.  “I’m here for my husband. I’m just trying to take care of my boys, that’s all," she told NY Post reporters

Unfortunately Alicia may be doing her own time soon! The newly minted reality star was accused of colluding with her husband by working as his company book keeper and was caught on tape "gabbing about embezzling funds for their now-defunct trucking business." 


Alicia's attorney is asking for leniency claiming that she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Um… then you're probably not doing yourself any favors by appearing on Mob Wives!

In addition to dealing with an impending jail stint, Alicia is also accused of cheating on her mafia husband with a Philadelphia restaurateur. She denies it of course.

Alicia insists she's just trying to keep her family together and be a role model for her kids so she like so doesn't have time to have an affair. She's too busy knocking off designer baby clothes for that! Yep, she also faced copyright violation charges – a case she says is now dismissed. “They dropped all the charges for that,” she told Radar Online. “Just to clarify, they were handmade items. We weren’t trying to sell something that was said to be Gucci that wasn’t.”

With all of this going on – and her anxiety disorder! – Alicia says she joined the show to "tell my own story". She says her husband will not be appearing on camera obviously, but her kids will be.  "That was my decision because for me to be portrayed as who I am, you need to see me as me and that’s with my children."

As for what reality TV has been like, Alicia seems to be enjoying it. "Renee [Graziano] and Big Ang have known my husband for 30 years and I just met them coming on the show, but the person that I’m most compatible with is Drita [D’avanzo] because I feel like her situation with her husband four years ago is me with mine now," Alicia says.  

"And Natalie [Guercio] is from Philly. We run in the same circles and she’s a great girl. [But] There’s some people you have more things in common with than others, though."

Despite the difficult situation she is faced with, Alicia describes herself as family oriented and that her children are very close with her husband who they visit often. 

Alicia is not considering divorcing Edward "at this time" nor does not regret marrying him because of her children. "I don’t like the situation that I’m obviously placed in now, [and] I don’t think I knew everything I know now. Of course if I did, my decision… ," Alicia describes. "I just don’t see myself as the typical mob wife. I’m the soccer mom."

As for what she hopes to accomplish on the show, Alicia wants to be a role model. "I’m just really trying to show how I’m trying to survive with my three kids while my husband is incarcerated and I could possibly be facing jail time," she admits. "I just want to be some kind of inspiration to my children or towards someone else watching."

Well, errrr… good luck with that!

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