After Shock Heidi and Spencer: Heidi Montag Talks Faking Drama On The Hills, Spencer Pratt Wouldn’t Want To Have Himself As A Dad

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The bad news is that they appear to be back, but the good news is it doesn't sound like they will be procreating any time soon. Of whom am I speaking? Why Speidi, of course! On the heels of debuting an E! special, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt also admitted to blowing through millions of dollars at the height of their reality infamy. After Shock: Heidi and Spencer aired on Monday, and the couple spoke candidly about playing villains on the a myriad of reality shows, beginning with The Hills.

Us Weekly breaks down the hour-long insider look at the pair, noting that it's difficult to tell just how "real" the pair was on the E! show. Spencer shared with viewers, "I don't think we've ever gotten to be the real Heidi and Spencer on TV," adding that the show was all about faking scenes and creating drama.


One such example that Spencer recalled occurred on the episode where Heidi refuses to move in with him and he kicks her out of his car on the side of the road. He recounted, "We shot like 14 or 15 takes of that from different angles, and then she got back in my car, and we drove off," he revealed. 

Heidi added that her televised wedding (and Lauren Conrad's notable exit from the show), was delayed for hours as producers tried to convince Spencer to leave his bride-to-be at the altar. She also believes that series–and her plastic surgery–played a huge role in past rifts with her family. 

The couple shared that they are now trying to get their finances in check after spending an alleged $10 million in 2010, and Spencer is finishing the political science degree he started ten years ago before becoming a tabloid fixture. Additionally, Spencer is trying to shed the fifty pounds he's recently gained.

As for future Speidi, Jrs., Spencer wants to wait until he's not so hated. Citing that he still has people trying to pick fights with him on the street and goad him into confrontations, Spencer explained that he would hate for his kids to be bullied for his past onscreen antics. He stated, "I wouldn't want to be Spencer Pratt's kid," adding, "I'd have a kid if there was no Google or YouTube." 

That's actually kind of sad when you think about it…but not sad enough to make me want Heidi and Spencer to add to the population any time soon!


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