Shahs Of Sunset’s GG Gharachedaghi Talks MJ Javid Versus Loch-Nesa

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Last week on Shahs of Sunset,  Mercedes "MJ" Javid told Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi that she no longer considers her a friend. MJ has no use for GG now that Reza Farahan wants to be her BFF again. I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that these people are in their 30s and 40s.

GG took to her Bravo blog to list all the reasons she's upset with MJ

First, according to GG, MJ needs to "back the f–k off" her sister, Leila. "When Leila tells me that she and MJ are talking and hanging out all of the time, it makes my blood boil," said GG. "What the f–k is MJ trying to prove by hanging out with my sister? If she and I are not getting along, then she needs to stay far away from anything related to me." 


While I definitely do not agree with GG on the Leila issue, I think she's spot on when it comes to MJ sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. To me, MJ is desperate for Reza's attention and/or approval, so she put on little "mean girl" shows for his amusement. So childish – to say the least.

GG shared that she and Sasha have become friends. "Hearing his side of the story on what went down at the club really fired me up," she added. "It seems like MJ keeps getting involved in situations where she doesn't belong. She was never at Lilly [Ghalichi]'s party to see me kiss Shayan, but she decided to tell on me. She wasn't at Reza's house to see what happened, yet she decided to go off on Sasha. So I completely understand Sasha's frustration!"​

Last, GG explained, "I love my girls and we love girls night. We drink, we dance, we laugh, and ultimately have a blast!  But if I'm drunk and a negative emotion arises, then Loch-Nesa comes out at full force."

"People don't focus on her wrong doings because she does things so quietly and gets away with it,"  GG said about MJ.  "But never forget that there is nothing quiet about me when you piss me off!  She has crossed the line one too many times and refuses to take accountability for hurting me.  She claims she loves me but who does that to people they love?  She gave a fake apology to [Sean] just to shut me up.  I guess all that matters to MJ is what Reza thinks, and if Reza has her back on everything, then MJ will never see that what she does to others is ultimately going to hurt herself."

GG concluded, "I guess time will tell if this friendship will ever get better or if it's time to just walk away from each other."

Tonight on Shahs of Sunset, GG tells Sean that she made out with Shayan at Lilly's birthday party. Also, Mike Shouhed shops for an engagement ring for Jessica, and Reza decides to cut Mike, GG, and Lilly from his housewarming guest list. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode – join us!


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