Love & Hip Hop Recap: Gunz Control


Two weeks off is a long time to be away from the crazy, delusional, bed-hopping cast of Love & Hip Hop, so I won't waste any time with an introduction. I know you've missed them as much as I have!

Tajiry Jose is so, so busy with her acting and modeling that's it's so nice to get a night off to enjoy New York Fashion Week. As she walks the red carpet, she's photo bombed by ex Joe Budden. At first she pretends to be disgusted, but she's happy to play up to the cameras. Joe tries to apologize for letting another woman lay in their bed. As she attempts to watch the show, Joe keeps trying to cop a feel. They leave in the rain, and Tajiry steals his sweater to shield her hair leaving a wet Professor standing on the sidewalk.

Amina Buddafly is catching up with sister Sophie who is visiting from Germany. She shares her marital woes, and Sophie recommends letting things remain status quo with Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace if she loves him so much. She certainly shouldn't patiently wait around for him to grow up because that is never going to happen!


Erica Mena and Cyn are doing a lingerie shoot, and Erica hinds a gift for underneath Cyn's favorite boob. Cyn goes on a treasure hunt for a gold chain, and Erica admits that she's trying to butter up her girlfriend with gifts so she won't be as mad when she hears about the contract with Rich Dollaz. It doesn't work.

Tara and K. Michelle are lunching, and Tara reveals that Peter has promised to divorce Amina if that's what she wants. K. Michelle doesn't mince words. If Peter wanted to be with her, he'd be with her. She suggests that Tara get all members of the love triangle together to hash out their differences so Peter can't talk out of both sides of his mouth. It's scary when K. Michelle is the one giving sane advice!


Rich is in the studio with Wyclef Jean, and Erica is excited to meet him. Of course, she is even more excited when Rich plays a new track for her. He tells her about his falling out with Peter, and he admits that he owed her a second chance. She bounces on his lap and the pair make-out before Rich motorboats her cleavage. Sorry Cyn!

Also in the studio are Peter and Amina listening to their new record The Pankies. They are interrupted by Tara. Peter knows he's about to be called out, so he immediately tries to hijack the conversation by trying to apologize. Tara tells Amina that Peter has been less than faithful because she can sleep with him any time she wants. After Peter admits that he's been unfaithful, Amina goes into a high pitched cry before storming out of the studio. Peter can't believe that Tara was rude enough drop that bombshell. Amina returns and asks for a moment of privacy with her husband. Tara obliges and walks out before saying that maybe one day she'll stop bleeping her husband. More high pitched crying happens while Peter tries to excuse his behavior. For a second I think his sweet talk is going to change her mind, but Amina leaves again.

Yandy Smith is so excited about Mendeecees' bail hearing, and she goes to share the news with rapper J. Dinero who has been in a similar situation. She learns from J. that it could take months and months until the hearing is scheduled. Yandy believes that putting work on the back burner may not have been the best idea because she's going to need to stay busy.

Erica drops by Rich's apartment to clear the air after their kiss. She wonders why she hasn't heard from him since, and he reminds her that she has a girlfriend. She's confused, why won't he make a commitment to her? Rich can't understand why she won't just break up with Cyn before asking for a relationship. This isn't going to end well…for Cyn.


Joe's mom is celebrating twenty-five years of sobriety, and Tajiry is happy to show her support. His mother forces her into an awkward, grabby group hug with Joe. He is convinced that Tajiry won't be able to resist him…and his mom.

It's girls' night out with Tara, Yandy, and K. Michelle. Tara regales in her situation at the studio and it's gross how much pleasure she takes out of still bedding Peter. K. Michelle tells Tara she isn't fooling anyone. Tara can't be over Peter if she's still sleeping with her. Across town, Erica is meeting with her friend Albie to get advice on her relationship with Cyn after signing with Rich. She wants to stay with Cyn because she's tired of being hurt by Rich. However, she's totally not over Rich. Tears are flowing, and Albie warns her that she's on shaky ground.

Peter tries to appease Amina with some flowers since he can't get a response from her. She throws them on the sidewalk. She can't trust him anymore. Peter reminds her that he told her the truth. Amina find that hilarious as he only told her the truth when Tara arrived and forced him to do so. Amina requests that he only have contact with Tara when he drops off and picks up the boys. She also wants to meet his sons. Peter can't believe she's being so demanding. What's a guy to do?


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