Love & Hip Hop Recap: You Can Never Be Too Rich Or Too Cyn

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The longer this season of Love & Hip Hop goes on, the more I like it. Seriously. There is something inherently amusing every last one of these people, and last night's episode was no exception. Let's get started, shall we? 

Amina Buddafly just can't wrap her head around the fact that Peter Gunz would cheat her. It's so shocking to think that the man who cheated with you and married you on the sly and still spends the night with his ex is actually having his cake and eating it too. I'm totally floored. She's meeting with a friend to rehash the recent events, and said friend is horrified to learn that Amina has thrown her wedding ring in the trash. Amina is devastated, as she's never been happier or felt more connected to anyone until Peter. However, she's not about to let keep Peter cheating on her for years and years…she'll just let that happen to Tara Wallace. Her friend thinks Amina looks weak and foolish even entertaining the idea of forgiving Peter.


Across town, Tahiry Jose is twerking harder than I've ever seen anyone twerk before. I'm worried she's going to hurt herself!  After she sending money to their father, sister Lexie has forgiven Tahiry for abandoning their plans to build him a church. I still think that was the best idea ever! Thankfully, now that the two older sisters aren't feuding, their little sister feels left awkward hanging out with them. Tahiry is happy to be spending time with her sisters, and I'm sure they are thrilled to be getting an earful about Joe Budden. She's talking so fast, I need for her to have subtitles. The moon, the stars, alley ways opening up to suck in the Professor, magic, tragic…she runs the gamut as she runs her mouth. Tahiry explains that she loves Joe, but she's not "in love" with Joe. I've heard that line before!

Peter misses Amina, but if she won't talk to him perhaps he can get some love from Tara. He wants her to change back the locks so he doesn't have to Spider-Man in through the window. Peter asks her what she wants, and she tells him she needs to be alone. He knows that it won't be too hard to wear her down. As Tara walks away from his twisted mind games, Peter yells after her that he knows she still loves him. He'll give her a month to figure out what she wants. This man is delusional. One way Tara plans to forget about Peter is to pursue her acting career. She's auditioning for a role in a movie being cast by Yandy Smith. Tara is excited for the opportunity even if she doesn't get the part. She's a good actress too, which I already knew from her role on Love & Hip Hop.

love hip hop tara wallace acting

In the studio, Cyn is listening to the song that Rich Dollaz has picked for Erica Mena to record. Erica decides that now is the time to come clean about her situation with Rich. She reveals that she kissed Rich after getting caught up in the moment. Cyn is beyond angry. Erica is crying and Cyn is yelling about trust. Cyn gives Erica an ultimatum…she can work with Rich or she can be with her. Rich walks into the fight and plays confused. He gets mad about their drama taking up his studio session, while Erica begs Rich not to speak ugly to Cyn. It's odd to see Erica defending someone so genuinely. Cyn storms out, and Erica follows her. I am worried that Erica's side boob is going to harm her or someone else. Cyn leaves allowing Rich and Erica to scream their heads off at one another. Erica reminds Rich that he never fought for her the way Cyn has. 

Saigon and Erica Jean are working on their communication in hopes of improving their son's speech delay. While the couple seems to be doing better, Saigon wants to see his son more than once a week. The only viable option is for Erica Jean to move in with him. He thinks that is the best way for them to get to know one another to see if they can be in a relationship. This plan sounds brilliant, don't you think?

love hip hop saigon

K. Michelle is in the studio when Peter drops in to visit. He plans to use her to get closer to Tara. Does he really think this is going to work? Peter tries his best to be charming and disarming. He can't choose between the mother of his children or his wife and musical soul mate. K. Michelle tells Peter he needs to try his hardest to get whichever one he picks. No idiotic woman is going to wait around for him. Um, I think both of these ladies totally will sadly. Peter decides that he's going to try something new. Amina it is! How quickly he just changed his mind!

Tahiry and the Professor are enjoying a civil, friendly lunch. Are two people on this show actually behaving like adults? Joe reminds Tahiry that he always loves her and he is excited to be spending more time with her. They joke and laugh about potentially seeing more of one another, but Tahiry knows that Joe's lovey dovey side comes and goes. Speaking of Jekyll and Hyde, Amina has agreed to meet with Peter. She tells him that his words mean nothing..he knows he needs to make more of an effort. Cue Peter playing a slideshow on the restaurant's television of Mr. and Mrs. Pankey. And that's all it takes, folks! Feel free to cheat on your spouse as long as you've got an Insta-collage app!

love hip hop pankey

Erica is hoping that some jewelry will get her out of the dog house with Cyn. She buys her some earrings from her private jeweler, but Cyn won't accept them. Cyn wants an explanation, not gold hoops. Cyn isn't ready to forgive Erica quite yet, but Erica prompts her to take the earrings while she thinks over their relationship. Professor Budden is meeting with his father, Prof, Sr. Joe's dad is adorable, but he is surprised to hear that Joe is considering a proposal. Of course, he's very happy for his son, and he hopes that Tahiry will say yes. 

With or without Rich, Erica is going to make sure her album is hot. She's working with a choreographer when Rich arrives. Apparently the choreographer asked Rich for payment for the session, and Rich can't believe that Erica hasn't learned that she's not the middle man. Rich books these things if he's going to pay for these things. Erica thinks that Rich acted like a jackass the way he spoke to Cyn. Why yes he did. Rich can't stop screaming about who runs things around here. I'll tell you who runs things…Mona Scott Young!


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