Reza Farahan Regrets His Diamond Water Party Behavior; Preview Shahs Of Sunset


The third season of Shahs of Sunset has destroyed Reza Farahan and Mike Shouhed's bromance.

Reza took to his Bravo blog to discuss the latest, a drunken (Mike) and childish (Reza) confrontation at Asa Soltan Rahmati's Diamond Water party. The short story is, nothing is Reza's fault, because he is the most loyal, perfect friend to ever roam the Earth.  The long story is, Reza began by dissing the Ballers. "That was a joke," he blogged. "That didn't look like any real estate office I had ever seen.  Where were the files, the papers, or anything else you'd find in a normal office?  Why is Mike looking for a get rich quick scheme?  I'm not an expert, but that type of business doesn't look appealing to a 'real' real estate agent. Did it look like Baller 1 had a lot of mousse in his hair, circa 1990?"

Reza's opinion of that office is spot on – if any business is being done there, I highly doubt it's the legal real estate kind. Did I just agree with Reza? I feel icky and in need of a shower.


Next, Reza slobbered all over Asa, "I have to take a moment and give props to my girl Asa, she actually made it happen."  Yes, Asa made WATER happen. Please forgive me for not getting all bent out of shape over it.  "She turned her dream into a reality," continued Reza.  "And as far as I'm concerned, Diamond Water is already a success, regardless of the number of bottles sold." 

About the party, Reza said, "I was really hesitant to see Mike and I think you could see why. He rolled in as drunk as a wino. His first DEMAND as he entered the room, after he took his bow, was for a vodka and red bull. How ironic, he was ready to charge at me that night. There was clearly no reasoning with him. He was pounding drink after drink and after several 'f— Reza' and 'let me feed you fatty' comments, I lost my cool and clowned him on his shoes, bad move on my part."

Mike Shouhed Calls Reza Farahan The Shah Of Bullsh*t!

Reza went on to say that he was disappointed in himself and wished he would have kept his mouth shut. That makes two of us. 

About their sit-down, Reza said, "I was more focused on the flaring nostrils and the teeth grinding than anything else.  From that point on, it became about damage control. I had caused enough of a ruckus and wanted to end it. Luckily Jessica came to the rescue and took Mike home.  At that point he was going from rage to tears, he wanted to hit me AND cry on my shoulder.  I'm thankful that neither happened and that we'd attempt to have a conversation at a later date when Mike was able to articulate a thought."

Of course, Asa did try to distract everyone with her big news, a trip to Turkey!! But nobody really cared. "I know Asa was disappointed with us that night – she didn't even get the reaction she deserved after inviting us to a family reunion in Turkey," shared Reza. "She deserved an apology from me, and I gave her one privately. I'm lucky she accepted after my childish behavior that night."

Did Reza ever apologized to Mercedes "MJ" Javid? Eh, not that she seems to care.  Has Reza apologized to Mike yet?  Or Lilly Ghalichi?  Why ANYONE bothers with this guy, I will NEVER understand.

Tonight on Shahs of Sunset, Asa, MJ, and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, plan a fun day at the races, hoping it will encourage Mike and Reza to kiss and make up.  It does not end well.  Reality Tea will be live-tweeting – join us! 


Photo Credit: Bravo