Bachelor Contestant Clare Crawley Tells Her Side Of Her Passionate Evening With Juan Pablo Galavis

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It's time for he said/she said courtesy of the Bachelor! After a midnight ocean tryst, this season's Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis started back pedaling–and shaming–his partner in passion. Now Clare Crawley (is she still vying for his attention? I'd have been totally out of there!) is telling her side of the story.

Of course, despite her toast to "making love" and Chris Harrison's hint that the two may have diddled, Clare is setting the record straight. They did not do the deed. Can you imagine the sand in the nether regions? While I'm not sure she's all that convincing, I do think that Juan Pablo handled the situation like a giant bag of skeeze. 


In an interview with People magazine, Clare doesn't mince words when discussing how Juan Pablo handled himself. She's not buying his excuses, yet she's not packing her bags to leave either. I guess it's the price Clare must pay in this wonderful journey to find realistic and lasting love…on television. Check out what she has to say below!

Because of your and Juan Pablo's strong reactions, it prompted a lot of speculation that you and Juan Pablo had sex in the ocean. Can you set the record straight?

I don't think that it was made clear by anybody that that's not what happened. That was not my intention going into it. I just wanted to swim in the ocean and check that off my bucket list. I never in my mind was thinking, "This is going to be something raunchy." 

If that didn't happen, can you explain your toast to 'making love'?

I am the worst at giving toasts! Nothing had happened, [so] that wasn't even on my radar. That was more so my intention for the future, and something I was looking forward to because I was falling in love. 

Were you shocked when Juan Pablo pulled you aside to tell you he regretted your time in the ocean?

I think both then and now, I don't understand where that was coming from. We did nothing wrong. Like I said in that episode, why didn't you tell me then? Why didn't you stop me then? You're a grown man, I'm a grown woman and I can handle the truth. 

The hardest thing about that was the confusion because he was more than willing to go swimming in the ocean. He was more than willing to participate in it. He was more than willing to enjoy it. He was having a blast, and so in my eyes it just really was strange to me that he had such a dramatic opposite reaction to it. I still felt and believe to this day I did nothing wrong. 

Juan Pablo seemed full of excuses when he confronted you. Do you think they were viable?

He used different excuses, [firstly that] he didn't want his daughter seeing that. But as you saw earlier in the evening, he took me back to his suite to go swimming in the pool. And he also used the explanation that he didn't think it was fair to the other women. 

That's why I went away [to his room after the date] because I didn't want to take time away from the other women. Anybody could have done that. The line wasn't clear what his reasoning was. 

Would you have even proposed the swim if Juan Pablo hadn't invited you to his private pool during the group date?

I think it made me feel a lot more comfortable with asking him, and I thought we were on the same page. I didn't think he would pull me aside in the first place to go swimming in his pool during a cocktail party. If anything, that to me is a little bit more questionable, and I had doubts about that more so than the ocean. 

Did you wish Juan Pablo had handled the situation differently?

The issue for me was how he approached it, the words that he used and how he made me feel when he used those words. I don't think it's a language barrier. 

I think it's how you choose to make a woman feel, and I think it's how sensitive you approach this. You shouldn't make a woman cry. It made me feel awful. 

Did you consider leaving after he confronted you?

It definitely crossed my mind. I was thinking, "I want somebody in my life that is positive and somebody that makes my life better," because I already have a great life. Part of that is loving you for your imperfections, loving you for your little mistakes, and loving you for your good and bad. 

What made me want to stay is that real relationships go through ups and downs. I didn't want to give up on him because I wouldn't want somebody to give up on me that easily. I [also] needed to get answers. If I didn't get the answers I wanted, I was more than willing to cut my losses. 

Do have any regrets?

In the moment I was into it, he was into it. It was mutual [and] innocent. I was doing something that was on my bucket list and I don't regret it – even to this second I don't regret it, even with the outcomes and all the questions and tears, I still don't regret it because you're swimming in the ocean, living in the moment and falling in love. 

I can only stand up for my intentions. Whether he was having different emotions after that, I couldn't control that. I think I wish I would have been a little bit more verbal, and you'll see in the next episode that I stand up for myself.

Hmmm…we'd better get some better answers on After the Final Rose!


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