Last night was the premiere of Private Lives of Nashville Wives and so far I'm loving it! The ladies and the friendships seem genuine and fun, the husbands are adorable, and the interactions seem authentic. The houses are fabulous but not ridiculous and the relationships seem authentic. 

It's CMA Festival week in Nashville which means the town is bumping with parties, events, music festivals. and entertainment. 

Jenny Terrell is my favorite wife so far. She is married to JT, who runs a party-supply company that everyone in Nashville uses, and she herself is a national sales director for Living Social. They have a son named Hank and JT is basically a stay-at-home dad as his business runs itself. "I should write a book," he jokes about balancing business, family, and love. "You should," Jenny agrees and the wheels start spinning. Their house looks like a tree house, BTW. 

They take Hank to the park and Jenny is wearing like a schoolgirl outfit with white tennis shoes and socks. Oooohhh… girl. No. I also don't think she owns a brush but maybe it's because she's too busy having fun to care. Isn't there a Living Social deal for hairbrushes or anti-frizz treatments or something?



Sarah Davidson who is married to Dallas Davidson who currently is one of the biggest song writers in country music while Sarah is struggling to break into the industry as a singer/songwriter. Jenny advises her on how to work all the things she has in her corner to build her band – basically she has the look, the talent, and the awesome advantage of having Dallas to give her story a little interest. Sarah seems a bit… like she doesn't wan to ride Dallas' coattails though. 

Sarah explains its been a rough road with many disappointments but she believes it's her destiny to make music and share it with the world which is what keeps pushing her. She and Dallas really seem supportive of each other – he describes their relationship as "love at first sight". 

Dallas is being honored with a CMT award for his songwriting. At the event Dallas eschews the formalities and fills red solo cups with booze. In the south that's code for "Let's party." Sarah gushes about her husband and how proud she is of his success. He also truly believes she's gonna be the next big thing as they bat eyes at each other over the twinkling Christmas lights and the whiskey. Awww… cute! 

Later Sarah performs at CMA fest with her band and the performance goes really well. She's got some sort of hokey Pocahontas outfit on, but other than that it was all fabulous and several of her castmates came out to support her. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.01.43 AM

Erika Page White is a former soap star who is married to Bryan White. Bryan used to be country music A-list but his career has become extinct. Erika has become a rather unconvincing stay-at-home mom who seems like she never embraced letting go of her career and wiping butts. Hence she can't cook breakfast sausage. She's seriously considering trying to get back into acting now that the kids are in school. 

Bryan is really good friends with Gary Chapman, who happens to be married to Cassie Chapman. After a really rough divorce from Amy Grant, Gary found Cassie, a 23-year-old Hooters waitress. As for the criticisms of Christian superstar Gary shacking up with a toddler in a bikini, Cassie could care less about the haters. "Hooters was like my favorite job ever!" she crows. 

Cassie definitely has a zest for life: she likes beer (ice cold), having fun, guns, and Jesus – and Gary of course. She presides over the manor that praise the Lord songwriting provided for in sparkles and hot pants. Gary and Bryan are both looking to revitalize their careers and they're helping each other. They have a super-sweet and very real friendship that I like. I like Gary a lot. 

Gary invites Bryan, Erika and their sons over to go swimming and to shoot watermelons in the backyard. Gary explains that in the south when you hear a gun go off it's because something in your yard just needed shootin' like a watermelon. Aaaaaa… flashbacks of southern summers. Erika is a little anxious about the guns being around her sons, although she's accepted it. "Everyone in the south has guns, but they still make me nervous." 


After blowing up some watermelons, Bryan's heart is racing, but Erika looks dubious. Erika… hmmmm… not sure what I think about her. She seems really unhappy, is rocking a permanent stinky bitch face, and needs to relax a little bit. She obviously misses her career and seems very, almost, regretful that she let that part of her life slip away. "It's hard to be married to a musician," she explains, "because they're always thinking about music." I don't know about her. Yet. 

Finally we meet Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo. They're identical twin sisters whose relationship is explosive. Betty is married to Raul Malo, lead singer and songwriter for The Mavericks. We don't really know about Betty except that she's a control-freak, who over-reacts, and rides around on a rhinestone studded hot pink Vespa with her dog sitting in a basket on the back. 


Betty admits that she's aggressive and hard to get along with. Ana agrees that Betty is impossible to get along with but they are family. They've decided to host a backyard pig roast to celebrate CMA Fest. Missing from the festivities: an obnoxious party-planner and an over-the-top budget. We definitely aren't in Bravo-land kids. Seriously, it was like a for real backyard party. Except for the pig. 

They have to go pick up the pig at the butchers but both Betty and Ana are disgusted and terrified – and they also worry they'll have to watch it get killed. "I don't want to know where my bacon comes from," Betty squeals. Eventually they hassle Raul into going to get it. He laughs as he compares their double-teaming tactics to Velociraptors who hunt together. "How can you say no, though?" he adds affably. He clearly accepts that he's beat. 

Raul agrees to pick up the pig but then gets the ladies back by bailing out and leaving them to unload it. They simply cannot cope. Betty won't even look at the pig carcass and Ana just keeps demanding they do it faster. I can't even describe their relationship except to say, they're sisters – highly combustible, impossible to tell apart sisters. They eventually toss the pig out of the truck and Betty vows never to eat meat again. 

Then the pig roast happens. On the day of the party Ana is screaming at Betty, who snaps back that Ana needs to leave her alone. They're fighting over why the decorating isn't done. I don't even know if Ana had time to get ready because she was wearing her party planning outfit at the event – she also seems like the type of person who wouldn't care about that. 

Ana admits her demanding personality sabotages relationships, but by the time the party starts everyone is in great spirits and has a blast. Raul and his sons play some music and the pig is a success. It was very sweet. Betty and Ana dance and admit that family is the most important thing to them. "I would go to jail for her," Betty reveals while Ana side-eyes her. 

Can we please get 'Hello My Name Is…' stickers for these two because otherwise I have no idea who is talking. 

Personally, I'm excited for episode two and I hope this show doesn't descend into Real Housewives bedlam and stays true to its roots. 

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