PHOTOS: Married To Medicine Season Two Cast; Meet The Newcomers Dr. Heavenly Kimes And Lisa Nicole Cloud


Season two of Married to Medicine premieres Sunday, April 6 on Bravo.

The season two cast will include Mariah Huq, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Toya Bush-Harris, Dr. Simone Whitmore, and Dr. Jackie Walters, as well as newcomers Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lisa Nicole Cloud.  Kari Wells seems to be out, though she does appear on the trailer.  

Check out the Married to Medicine cast photos and meet the new ladies, Dr. Heavenly and Lisa, below. 



Mariah Huq 

  • wife to Dr. Aydin Huq, mom to two
  • self proclaimed Queen Bee
  • plans to expand her "Blackadeshi" family soon
  • creator and producer of Married to Medicine
  • pushing Jewel and Jem, children’s pajama and decor, and Cinnamon Girl Diet & Nutrition, dietary supplements, protein bars, and shakes


Quad Webb-Lunceford 

  • wife to Dr. Gregory Lunceford
  • calls herself Black Barbie
  • dog mommy to Khloe and Kar'rie
  • supports Canine Companions for Independence 
  • pushing Picture Perfect Pup, dog couture clothing line 

Season 2: "Mariah and Quad's friendship is barely hanging onto life support.  Mariah, the self-proclaimed 'Queen Bee,' has demanded credit for making Quad 'relevant' in the exclusive circle of Atlanta medicine. Quad feels Mariah has a bad case of jealousy."


Dr. Simone Whitmore

  • wife to Cecil Whitmore, mom to two
  • OBGYN, owner of North Perimeter OBGYN since 2004
  • demands hard work, refuses to settle for less
  • staff calls her "The Warden" and "Witchmore"
  • enjoys shopping, parties, traveling, sleep


Toya Bush-Harris

  • wife to Dr. Eugene Harris III, mom to two
  • former teacher and pharmaceutical rep
  • volunteers at her church 
  • mentors children in the community
  • pushing Eugene's medical concierge business, Nomad MD

Season 2: "While Toya's search for her dream home continues, her friendship with long-time friend Simone comes to a surprising halt.  Meanwhile, Dr. Simone realizes that her busy career and recent financial blunder has taken a toll on her marriage."


Dr. Jackie Walters

  • wife to Curtis Walters, stepmother to one
  • calls herself Dr. DIVA – “dedicated, innovative, victorious, admirable”
  • two-time breast cancer survivor
  • obsessed with eating healthy and exercising

Season 2:  "Dr. Jackie is ready to finally experience motherhood, either through adoption or by using a surrogate – with her biggest obstacle being her husband."


Dr. Heavenly Kimes

  • wife to Dr. Damon Kimes, mom to three
  • dentist, founder of Heavenly Dental Associates, Inc.
  • owns four dental practices
  • author, inspirational speaker, and business powerhouse 
  • pushing Dr. Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions, a motivating advice guide

Quotable:  "You’d be surprised by how many people come to my office saying they were praying for a good dentist and then they saw 'Heavenly Dental' and thought 'Hey, that’s where I need to be.'"


Lisa Nicole Cloud

  • wife to Dr. Darren Naugles, mom to two
  • fashion designer
  • success coach, nicknamed Ms. Millionaire Maker
  • pushing The Lisa Nicole Collection, affordable, high fashion collection for today's businesswoman
  • worked as a legal clerk at the age of 14

Quotable:  "I was a type of kid who always wanted to play business. I would be in my room acting like a manager of a corporation at the age of 8 and 9 and 10, and so as soon as I could get a job, I got a job."


Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo