Here it is, the post nobody's been waiting for – Kailyn Lowry's book is set to hit books stores in April. 

After talking about it for over a year, the Teen Mom 2 star's memoir Pride Over Pity will finally be available for purchase next month. No need to rush out. This time next year, I suspect there will be plenty of copies of her book still available for purchase.

Kail revealed about the book, “There are a lot of things in it involving addiction, rape,  being abandoned by my dad,  and tons of things in between – life before the cameras and where I want things to go from here."


Kail continued,  "Hopefully you guys will understand things a little better after reading it!”  My guess: blame, whine, blame with zero accountability followed by a wicked sense of entitlement.  My childhood wasn't ideal either, but at some point one has to stop using his/her past as the excuse for his/her present. This is where Kail fails in my opinion.

Pride Over Pity summary: 

"Guided by the single principle of helping young girls like her, Kailyn takes the reader behind the scenes, writing candidly about her desperate stay at a homeless shelter to qualify for a program that would provide a safe home for her son, breaking her silence on the question of her sexuality, and sharing the traumatic sexual experiences that have left her deeply scarred."

Excerpt from Pride Over Pity

"If I ever gaze at the past, I shudder. I shudder to count how many times I mistakenly thought I was loved. I quiver unpleasantly to recall the person I used to be and how I acted in some of my relationships. Looking back, it's not surprising that I turned to boys for love so early.  I needed appreciation.  I needed to feel worthy.  Most of all I needed support."

No doubt — Kail will join Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham and RHOBH's Brandi Glanville on the New York Times best seller list.  #EyeRoll  But wait, Kail made a point to add, “It’ll be NOTHING like Farrah’s as far as editing goes. We’ve put a lot of work into this over the last couple of years – and I think you will be very surprised by it.” #EyeRollsForDays


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