The drama never ends when it comes to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans – and neither do the tall tales!

In December, Jenelle and her current jerk boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, caused such a ruckus, a neighbor called the police. And a pregnant Jenelle was hauled off to jail for disturbing the peace. As per usual, Jenelle was bailed out of jail by the super hero of lawyers, Dustin, and she immediately took to Twitter to laugh and lie about it.

In January, Jenelle and Nathan were fighting because Nathan was texting with his ex-girlfriend, Brianna Doris, behind Jenelle's back.  So, at one really nasty point in the argument, Jenelle hit record on her cell phone. And the video found its way to Radar last week.  #PayDay

Now, in March, Jenelle wants us to believe that her relationship with Nathan is perfect, because, you guys, that stuff was wayyyy so longggg ago! 


This video is NOT suitable for work, kids, or small pets: 


Pieces of the transcript courtesy of Starcasm:

Nathan: Dude! I haven’t been in trouble for five years! Just because you are Jenelle Evans, I get in trouble with the f–king law.
Jenelle: I'm sorry, you break the law and it's your fault.

Nathan: Dude!  Check it out!  I haven't been in trouble for five years!  I catch hate on f–king Twitter and f–king FB because you're Jenelle Evans. I have to put up with that sh-t. (Jenelle tries to talk.) Get the f–k out!!

Jenelle: Whatever. See, I can’t even talk.

Nathan: I don’t want you to. I don’t want to be with you.

Jenelle: Then leave me alone.

Nathan: Get the f–k out!!

Jenelle: Leave me alone.

Nathan: Get the f–k out … This is my house – not yours. It's my f–king house. (Arguing about the house and furniture.) You put up with so much sh-t that you don't see the sh-t you're doing wrong. And it pisses me off.

Jenelle: I didn't do anything wrong.

Nathan: You f–king lie and you f–king be like, 'OK, maybe I did have the story backwards' and then you say, 'Oh, you're interrupting!' You act like a f–king bitch to your kid. You don't grow the f–k up, dude!

Jenelle: You got mad because I said you're interrupting me, and you're like, 'You're lying, you're lying, you're lying.' And you flipped out!

Nathan: I did not yell. Did. Not. Yell.

Jenelle: You're yelling now for no reason.

Nathan: I'm yelling now because you're an annoying bitch.

Jenelle spoke to Teen Mom Truth (talk about an oxymoron!) after the video hit the internet. She confirmed that the video was recorded around the same time Nathan and Brianna were texting secretly. But, Jenelle added, they worked through it and made changes to their relationship and moved on months ago. Captain Obvious points out that it hasn't even been a full two months since Text Gate played out on Twitter

Jenelle blamed the video release on her husband, Courtland Rogers. Her story gets better – poor Jenelle and Nathan were at a CHARITY EVENT when the news broke, but she added, they were prepared for it and did not let it ruin their day. As soon as Jenelle the Philanthropist left her CHARITY EVENT, she tweeted, "Sorry to break it to u, but our relationship is stronger than some petty bullsh-t."

Nathan and Jenelle Expecting a Baby Boy in June!

Jenelle told TMT, “I shouldn’t have ever recorded the video but at the time I was emotional and paranoid. I’ve been burned so many times – but that was so long ago at this point. Nathan screwed up. After that awful fight, he apologized for days over it. We got out of that rough patch a while ago, and things are so much better now." 

"We are stronger than ever," claimed Jenelle. "You live and learn. Everyone goes through bad moments you know?  I’m happier than I’ve ever been – and Nathan is the love of my life, and that’s all that matters at this point.”


Photo Credit: MTV

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