Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino Shot On The Way To His Mother’s Funeral!

benzino stevie j

Um, when you start to mess with Benzino, you're messing with this girl. It's no secret that the neckless wonder is my favorite person from the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise. He's equal parts harmless and unintentionally hilarious. So to the idiot who shot him while he was en route to his mother's funeral (yes, you read all of that correctly), shame on you. What is this world coming to? 

Obviously, 'Zino is thankfully doing alright after the ordeal, and I know this courtesy of Stevie J.'s Instagram. Could this story get any more twisted? The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is recuperating after being rushed to the hospital following a shooting which occurred during his mother's funeral procession. I don't even know what to make of this situation.


According to TMZ, a fight broke out when Benzino and his family members were on their way to the former hip hop magazine mogul's mother's funeral. Shots erupted when two of the cars were side by side on the road, and Benzino was hit multiple times. He was then taken to the nearest emergency room.

The site claims that police have arrested Benzino's nephew Gai Scott for firing upon his uncle. The two were apparently in different cars while traveling to the funeral. The district attorney released a statement sharing that "there has been growing family tension" between 'Zino and Gai.

Surprisingly, the drama in the processional didn't deter the family from laying Benzino's mother to rest (small favors, I guess). The preacher at the funeral allegedly revealed that both 'Zino's limo and the hearse were stained with blood upon arrival to the service. Benzino is doing well, and thankfully he's got his biffle Stevie J. documenting his recovery on Instagram. Too bad, 'Zino wasn't on Stevie's bus during this ordeal because you know that thing (if it were real) would have bulletproof windows!

All joking aside, I am very glad that 'Zino is alright, and I am saddened by the fact that something that could have been exponentially worse kept him from being at his mom's funeral. So sad. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]