Mario Singer’s Text Messages With Former Mistress Kasey Dexter Leaked…Plus, Is Kasey Pregnant With His Child?

Ramona Singer Mario Singer Mistress Kasey Daxter

I'm going to sound like the biggest old fogey on the planet, but I say it to the young kids all the time (read: the teens and twenty-somethings I used to baby-sit for), "The Internet doesn't go away." That naked picture you sent your boyfriend he swears he deleted? Out there. That video you didn't mean to post of you drinking under age that accidentally made its way to Tumblr because you were too drunk to know better? Still in cyberspace. It's bad enough having to feel generations away from these yahoos (and I'm really not that old!) and their reckless abandon for all things, but I totally neglected an entirely different dynamic.

It seems that people who are maybe a bit older and not adept in technology need a lesson as well. Case in point? Mario Singer's text messages with his alleged mistress have now been leaked. You know he's thinking, how did that happen? Don't they disappear when I hit send? Nope. Even though it's being reported that Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer is attempting to reconcile her ex, she may want reconsider…or at least get on the same text and data plan!


In Touch now claims to have some steamy messages between Mario and the thirty-two-year-old who he may have gotten pregnant and subsequently paid for her abortion. In one such text, Mario's former flame Kasey Dexter writes, “I’m missing your lips and eyes and laugh and…[expletive]." Side note to Mario–if you take a picture of said expletive and send it to this girl, chances are In Touch will end up with it too. Oh, what's that? Ahh…next week's cover story.

In another message, Mario responds, “I must be the biggest idiot on the [expletive] planet to care so much about a girl like you," adding, "You don't give a &^%$ about anyone but yourself. Kasey, you have taken hurting me to a new level." Awww. Poor guy.

A source tells the magazine that Mario has stayed in constant contact with Kasey while trying to work things out with wife Ramona, revealing, "He thinks he can have them both." 

According to the insider, Kasey and Mario spent the weekend together in Boca Raton before he ran back to Ramona. The source shares, “When she and Mario were in Boca, they didn’t use condoms. She’s made it clear that if she’s pregnant again, she won’t get an abortion. She loves him and believes they should be together.”

Okay, so I've tried to educate the people on cell phone etiquette 101 to no avail…is it time to tackle the subject of a baby not making a relationship work? Geez!  


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