Maddy Godsey 8 Months Pregnant

On last night's season premiere episode of 16 And Pregnant a 16-year-old high school junior from Tinley Park, Illinois named Maddy Godsey got pregnant after a one-night stand. Besides the obvious one night stand with NO PROTECTION and a dual-colored hair that seems to have a shaved widows peak in the front, Maddy seemed fairly mature and responsible – and recognized that her 'hook-up' Cody Jensen was definitely not boyfriend material. 

Maddy is a high school volleyball and basketball player who has a ton of friends (and a penchant for zebra-print; a nice change from the omnipresent leopard on these shows). She lives with her mom and three siblings, including a little sister who is only a few months old. She has a good relationship with both her parents, who are divorced. Her father lives about an hour away. Maddy had a long-term boyfriend and after he broke up with her she met Cody on Facebook and the two had a one-night stand. 


When Maddy found out she was pregnant, Cody pretty much disappeared. Maddy got knocked up the first night they hooked up. In fact she shares that their only "date" outside of his house was to buy a pregnancy test – it was the 6th time they hung out. Despite finding out they're going to be parents, Maddy does not want a relationship with Cody and instead wants to co-parent together. Cody doesn't agree with that. "Just because we have a kid together doesn't mean we have to be together," she acknowledges. 

Maddy and her Oreo hair have barely seen Cody since he found out he's going to be a dad. Now at 8 months pregnant he's going with her to an ultrasound. Upon seeing his daughter on the ultrasound screen, Cody looks amazed and tears up. "She looks just like you," Maddy jokes. Back at her house Cody is affectionate towards his baby mama and wants to have a better relationship. He reveals that he should have "paid more attention in health class" when they went over using a condom. While they were hooking up that first night he initially put on a condom but kept telling Maddy "It hurts" until she told him to just take it off. Biggest mistake ever, there, Mads! I mean besides shaving the front part of her hair. Seriously – WTF. Side note: she seems to have stopped doing this and her hair is all one color now. Whew!

If that drama isn't enough, Maddy's mom Jennifer is very upset about Maddy's circumstances. She is very focused on how hard Maddy's life will be once she has a baby. Maddy argues that it's not a bad thing to have baby, and Jennifer replies, "It's a bad thing when you're 16!"

Jennifer also tells Maddy she cannot live at home once Aubrey is born because there will be seven people in the little house, including two babies. She gives Maddy a month after the birth to come up with a new plan – options include relocating to her dad's house, which he encourages her to do. Maddy doesn't want to live with her dad because it's far away, so she calls Cody and discusses the possibility of moving in with him. But she makes it clear they will not be a couple. 

Cody's parents come over and they are very supportive of the teen parents moving into their house. They offer to turn a portion of their dining room into a baby nursery for Aubrey, but Cody and Maddy will have to share a room. Cody offers, unconvincingly, to sleep on the floor. Maddy is happy about the plan, but wary about being forced into a shared space with her baby daddy. 

Maddy is disappointed that she'll have to go back to school at 9 months pregnant, because she's uncomfortable. On her first day back Cody calls to invite her on their first date. Maddy wears sweats and a high pony tail that shows off her Oreo hair to perfection. Over sodas they argue about whether or not Maddy should give their daughter Cody's last name. Maddy is against it since she isn't sure if Cody will stay committed to Aubrey, yet she will always be there. Cody is pissed. 

At his parent's Maddy reviews plans for the nursery. Cody's parents are really excited, but Maddy looks sad. She doesn't want to leave her home to basically live with strangers. Maddy goes into labor the next day and Cody is with her at the hospital. MTV did not film Aubrey's birth because the mayor of Tinley Park refused to allow it. 

Mady Godsey And Cody Jensen Have Baby Aubrey

Aubrey Lynn Godsey was born on October 20, 2013 at 8lbs, 7oz. The first night in the hospital Cody does nothing to help and sleeps through everything. When it comes time to officiate the birth certificate Maddy stands firm in not using Cody's last name, even though he thinks it's saying Maddy is not his daughter. The co-parents start fighting and never stop from this moment on.

I was impressed that Maddy chose breast feeding and stuck with it. That's like a 16 & P first, right?

Cody comes home with Maddy and his parents come over to meet their granddaughter. This is the last time Maddy sees Cody for 3 weeks! His excuse is that he's been working non-stop and has two jobs. Meanwhile Maddy is raising Aubrey alone while going to online school. Maddy has opted to finish high school this way because her parents are adamant she get a diploma and day care is too expensive. As Maddy adjusts to motherhood, the days are ticking for when she'll have to leave her mother's house and move in with Cody. As Cody is more and more absent and refuses to help with their daughter, Maddy begins to dread the relocation plan. 

Maddy visits her dad and he encourages her to move in with him instead. He says she can have the finished basement as her own personal space with Aubrey. Maddy texts Cody and his parents are really disappointed – especially since they spent all the money building the nursery. They put the crib outside for her to pick it up, I noticed! HA. 

Maddy moves to her dad's but it's very isolated. She's far from friends and spending all her time juggling online school and motherhood. Yet, she's pretty realistic about why it's not a good idea to try and forge a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Cody since she doesn't have romantic feelings for him. She just wants him to be involved in Aubrey's life. Maddy admits that even though she wants her daughter to have two parents, Cody is just not the one for her. 

Cody comes to visit Aubrey while she's living with her father – and it was apparently the last time he saw her! Of course, even though she loves her daughter Maddy definitely wishes she would have waited for motherhood. I mean now her dreams of becoming a lawyer and an interior decorator are so much farther away. And she is missing her senior year of high school and basketball. 

Maddy Godsey Daughter Aubrey Update

WHERE IS MADDY NOW UPDATE: After the episode Maddy cleared up some aspects of her relationship with Cody on Facebook. Including that he has another child – a son – who is two months older than Aubrey and that he's a "druggie". She says that's the real reason she opted not to move in with him – that and the fact that he asked his GIRLFRIEND (and other baby mama) to move in with their son as well! Ummm… seriously? 

Maddy also revealed that Cody was questioning Aubrey's paternity, but refusing to go through with a DNA test. "Cody was not around for the first 7 1/2 months of my pregnancy & we broke up because he was out partying & cheating telling people he was only with me because of Aubrey," Maddy discloses. She also says he called her a "slut" and has not supported his daughter "emotionally or financially." 

As for visitation, Maddy says Cody hasn't seen Aubrey since she was two months old. "He said it isn't worth seeing her if he can't take her overnight. Yet, he has a pot plant growing in the backyard knowing that could get her taken away, she doesn't even know who he is, & she's not getting in the car with someone who is uninsured. He used to tell me he needed medication to control his anger & when he didn't take it he would be mean. what if he snaps around Aubrey? Also he used to do heroin so how do I know he isn't still?"

Mady Godsey's Daughter Aubrey Update

Lastly, Maddy has since ditched the Oreo hair and the shaved front part. She shared on Instagram that the shaved part was a mistake after her hair dresser seriously messed up her bangs. It's since grown in. 

Ok, so yet another episode that features an irresponsible, deadbeat teen dad who won't step up for his kid! C'mon girls… 

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