UPDATED: Is Dhar Mann Using Lilly Ghalichi To Get His Business On TV?

lilly ghalichi dhar mann

Season four of Shahs of Sunset is a go – but whether Lilly Ghalichi, last season's outcast, will return remains to be seen. Maybe she will score her own show to feature her bubbly personality and successful business, Have Faith Swimgerie. Or maybe Lilly and her fiance, Dhar Mann, will star in a show about medical marijuana. I'm not kidding.

Turns out Dhar, who recently proposed to Lilly with a 15-carat diamond after only two months of dating, wants to be a reality TV star. In 2011, he shared, "I personally have always wanted a reality show cause I just think that my life is somewhat appealing to watch." Dhar pitched Hempire, a reality show focused on his personal life and his marijuana business, weGrow.


Dhar and his business partner, Derek Peterson, pitched Hempire to Original Productions. Their pitch: “Two not-so-usual suspects leave mainstream white-collar industries to pursue opportunities in the blooming pot industry.” While the show never took off, the powers that be said Dhar and Derek were "two of the smartest California entrepreneurs they had ever met." 

According to Wiki

"weGrow stores do not sell marijuana — they sell the supplies and services that cultivators need to grow marijuana. They also provide education and advice on all aspects of medical marijuana cultivation. Stores give indoor grow demonstrations using real (non-marijuana) plants and offer classes on how medical marijuana can be safely and responsibly cultivated."

Dhar wants to be on TV – so he sweeps reality TV star Lilly off her feet and proposes after two months and… what? They live happily ever after out of the public eye? Dhar joins Shahs of Sunset – or they pitch a show to networks?  

Hempire is a bold idea. Perhaps Dhar needs a new direction – Lilly? – to get on TV. I'm trying not to be a cynic – and hope the best for Lilly's sake. I guess Lilly could be in on it too!  RT – what do you think?  Is Dhar using Lilly or are they using each other or are they head over heels in love? 

UPDATE:  Dhar's rep told RT: "Dhar currently has no plans for a reality show. His medical marijuana supply store was one of many business ventures; he started the business, expanded it and sold it for a profit. He has no connection to that business or industry anymore. Dhar’s current ventures include real estate development, technology, mobile applications and starting a new lifestyle brand, Jet Set Life. He is also very active with philanthropic efforts."

Bottom line – for us – we grew to really like Lilly so we truly hope her whirlwind romance with Dhar is the real deal. #FingersCrossed


Photo Credit: Instagram