Lilly Ghalichi

Forbes Magazine has recognized former Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi for her successful and growing brand.

Lilly co-owns and designs for Have Faith Swimgerie and Want My Look. Also, her Ghalichi Glam brand includes Lilly Lashes (eyelashes), Lilly Ghalichi Collection by Avitan (fine jewerly), Lilly Hair (hair extensions), and Glampagne (champagne). Love her or hate her, you have to admire Lilly’s work ethic. She may not have enjoyed her time on Shahs of Sunset, but she definitely cashed in on the exposure. 

“Such an honor to wake up to a @Forbes article on me,” Lilly shared with her fans and followers on Instagram. “As a woman that has busted her ass to make it in the business world, it is a surreal moment for me. I love and thank you all for continuing to support me through my journey. Thank you @Forbes @sarahpboyd for the amazing feature.” 



Lilly named her parents as her inspiration to succeed. “They came to this country as teenagers with no money, no family, nothing but the American Dream. They managed to put themselves through college, teach themselves English, and raise 3 kids. They had no help and struggled for years, but they never stopped working, they never stopped trying, and today they are self made successful entrepreneurs.”

When asked about career challenges, Lilly said, “In the beginning, motivating myself to WORK HARD was a challenge. As a young girl in LA, it’s easy to get caught up in “the life”. Parties, lunches, vacations — it seems everyone in L.A. does anything and everything BUT work.” Oh, the Shahs of Sunset shade!

“If you want to be successful, you HAVE to put in the work, you have to put in your time,” added Lilly. “Period. As a young single girl, I had to tell myself, it’s not so important to “find a husband”, it’s not so important to go to this party or on this trip, but it IS important to work hard and create myself. It IS important to work as hard as I can today to secure my future. Once I thought about things relatively, I overcame any sense of ‘missing out’ I was feeling and devoted my time and energy into my career.”

Lilly shared a little something she does each night, which probably takes mere minutes, that keeps her focused and motivated. “To make a to-do list, every single night. Write at least three things on that list that you will accomplish the next day to further your dream. As juvenile as that may sound, this advice has single handedly helped me so much in my career.”

You can read Lilly’s interview in its entirety on Forbes.

Stay tuned for the Forbes article on Diamond Water – HAHAHA – just kidding. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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