Did Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Fake A Cheating Scandal For Their Reality Show ‘True Tori’?

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Did Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott fake their adulTORI to land a reality TV show?

Last year the couple came out as broke and super hard-up for money. After a reality TV project about them moving to a cabin with their 4 kids failed to take off, Dean's mistress, the comically named Emily Goodhand, emerged in the tabloids and shortly after Dean entered rehab for undisclosed (ahem… sex) addictions. 

And the reality TV offers came pouring in again! A spurned and furious Tori was reportedly using True Tori to humiliate her husband and was one step away from filing for divorce while Dean groveled for another chance. As you recall, Tori and Dean got together when they were still married to other spouses.

Now, according to the sleuths at Jezebel, Tori and Dean may be faking the scandal to revitalize their stagnant reality careers! A breakdown of the evidence is below. 


Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott 'True Tori'

First up, Tori is a bad actress. Duh! 

True Tori premiered last night on Lifetime and Tori's role as the spurned wife was as badly acted as her portrayal as Donna Martin on 90210. Jezebel questions Tori's opening monologue which served to update fans on the status of her life and how she's dealing with the aftermath of her marital fall-out – unfortunately Tori appeared to have memorized the heart-wrenching speech – and even worse: portions of it appeared on Tori's personal blog two days ago! 

Among other damning evidence is that many of Tori's stories don't add up. In case you're literarily bankrupt and read one of Tori's copious STORI books, you'd know that in her latest masterpiece PulizTORI Prize winning Spelling It Like It Is, Tori admits to staging and faking numerous aspects of her life (including scenes and storylines on previous reality shows) to keep her career going. Well, she's apparently pulling the same shenanigans with True Tori! 

In fact Tori admitted that her soap opera shilling lineage as the daughter of Aaron Spelling fully prepared her to do just that. "I'm Aaron Spelling's daughter. I knew how to write the story. I knew what would tug on heartstrings," she wrote in Spelling It Like It Is.

Tori Spelling With 'Spelling It Like It Is' Book

Tori further explained that reality TV storylines are as edited as fictional TV shows are. "As most people know, the lines of reality and reality TV get blurred," she revealed. "Everything has to be edited to have a structure. Everything needs to be given a narrative shape."

Secondly, STORI's Don't Add Up! 

Another inconsistency, Tori portrayed the image of the hard on her luck single mom to her four young children while Dean was seeking treatment, but the reality is that she has THREE nannies and a personal assistant to help her run things. 

Thirdly, Suspicious Tori Time! 

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott New Years Eve 2014

True Tori started filming April 1 and Tori maintains Dean has been in rehab since the story broke at Christmas – Tori even claims she and the kids spent Christmas alone (with the three nannies, I presume). Unfortunately Dean's social media was active through January and he's been spotted with the family numerous times – including posting an instagram photo where he is celebrating New Years with Tori and the kids – and looking quite the happy family. 

In March OK! Magazine claimed Tori and Dean are milking their marital problems for all they're worth, because it's pretty much directly linked to their net worth! "Tori knows that her marriage to Dean has always been her bread and butter financially, because they built an empire around their life together. If they can work it out, she may be able to pitch some sort of reconciliation reality show."

Fourthly, Tori makes deals with the paparazzi to paint a portrait of her life. 

Tori apparently knows better than anyone (see above) how to cobble together the narrative she wants her life to tell in the media. Tori reportedly has a deal with photographer Michael Simon who specializes in this sort of thing; meaning staging photoshoots that are supposed to seem candid – and Tori has been using him to help portray the 'single mom' role as she promotes her reality show. 

Tori also has landed more than her share of Us Weekly covers – many of which discuss Dean's cheating ad nauseam. They landed her first 'exclusive' after the 'affair' broke. Several of their stories cover Tori reeling from the deception and Dean begging for forgiveness, almost as to paint a picture for the public of what their reality show will chronicle. As Jezebel explains, "It's interesting how the seeds of forgiveness, acceptance and true-love-will-conquer-all were being planted right from the beginning."

Dean McDermott Cheating Mistress Us Cover

Finally, and most intriguing, Dean's mistress Emily Goodhand has not been seen or heard from since she exposed their one-night stand. 

Why would a woman sell a story to a tabloid about a hookup with a very married celebrity if not for some attention and perhaps some fame aspirations of her own? But Emily has disappeared! In fact when she sold her 'exclusive' about Dean cheating, nary a photo spread was done to illustrate who this seductive young woman is. And she has never appeared on any TV news outlets to retell the story. 

Anyone who knows how Hollywood works will realize this is weird! So did Emily ever exist? The Examiner claims to have found her and boasts a blurry unremarkable photo of a smiling brunette. Um… thanks for clearing things up. 

With all of Tori and Dean's fakery coming to light it seems the tide of Hollywood is turning against them. Perhaps the media is just sick of the Tori-the-victim storyline that has been worming its way through the tabloids. Or perhaps Tori is just trying to drum up a different type of publicity – Tori on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

Tori Spelling Bad Mother Star Magazine

Star Magazine features a frazzled Tori on their latest cover and heralds her as "Hollywood's Worst Mom!" They accuse her of being addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol as she wastes away to 98lbs all while ignoring her children. Their source further describes how terrible Tori is. "Tori paints herself as the perfect mom, but her version of reality is nothing but distortion. If Dean left, she’d have to learn to cook, read stories, and be a good mom. She’d lose her worst employee.”

The source also claims for Tori, image is everything. And no image is more important than her own. Enter a slew of stories spanning the tabloids about her screwed up marriage and her new reality show. You can check out Celebitchy for breakdown on the newest yarns Tori is spinning to help facilitate the storyline of Tori scorned and Dean the bad guy.

As the Kardashians have taught us – bad publicity is better than no publicity! I personally cannot wait to see what the ratings for True Tori are. 

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True Tori airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on Lifetime.