Married To Medicine Recap: Connections

Lisa Nicole Cloud Talks Breast Cancer Scare

On last night's episode of Married To Medicine things got real as the ladies explored health, friendship, and marriage. 

Things begin with Quad Webb-Lunceford doing some investigative research (aka shopping) for her puppy couture line. Is this real? I mean, is this something that's really happening or is it like a jokey storyline. Apparently not because Quad's eyes glow as she describes herself as "Louis Vuitton of dog couture." 

Quad has visions of ostrich, and sequins, and leather – for dogs. And she also has visions of checks in the bank. She's savvy enough to recognize she needs Lisa Nicole Cloud as a business advisor or else she'll spend all her profits on herself. Quad believes in going big – and then going bigger, which means seriously styling her pooches as if they are Housewives. Cocktail dresses – check! Swarovski crystals – check! Botox – check! Jimmy Choos – not yet! 


Naturally since we're talking about dogs, talk turns to bitches, and then to Mariah Huq. Quad is very upset their friendship fell apart and misses Mariah. Quad realizes that while she was a true friend, perhaps Mariah never was. Um… that's because for Mariah, the only person who matters is MEriah! 

Quad Plans Puppy Couture

Later Lisa and Quad go visit a garment factory, where the seamstress does not seem to get Quad's concepts. Miki is not getting it – or Quad. Well, yeah. Quad enthuses about how everything is ready to go – except for one small thing: she can't design anything, so she needs to hire a designer. And maybe also a shrink! 

Dr. Simone Whitmore's marriage is in a slump. Cecil is leaving for a guys weekend and Simone is frustrated that with all their financial problems and how over-extended they are he's still going. Which confuses me considering Simone doesn't seem to want Cecil around her anyway! To take her mind of her marital frustrations, Simone decides to host a good ol' fashioned pajama party. When the hubby is away, the ladies will play! Which means moscato, girl talk, and PJs. She invites Quad and Lisa Nicole. What? No Mariah?

Mariah Huq Talks Redecorating

Mariah is reduced to filming with her children and Ayden, who don't seem to like her anymore than her castmates do. She takes Lauren on a VIP Ferris Wheel ride where Lauren basically tells her what a disaster she is. Then Mariah wanders around her house with Ayden explaining that it needs a facelift. She's going to focus on this instead of throwing their annual party because no one will come. Ayden will do anything to get Mariah to stop nagging: hair transplant, decor nips and tucks, appear on M2M as the doting husband… 

Mariah needs to hire a couple new friends. Preferably ones who don't live in ATL or get cable. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes decides to spend quality time with her daughter Alaura making an "inspiration board", which is basically just putting your goals on a poster board. I notice all of Heavenly's 'inspirations' contained herself. She has it divided into personal, professional, and some other category and is nagging 8-year-old Alaura about what she wants for adult life. "Do you want to get married or be a mother?" 

Heavenly explains that her personal section contains seeking peace, happiness, and a svelte fame. And also being a talk show host. 

Heavenly Bonds With Daughter Alaura

"I already have peace and happiness… I'm very skinny," says Alaura, who put her ambition as 'singer'. Why am I guessing Aluara's personal goal is to escape Heavenly

Heavenly goes on and on about her own board and goals until Alaura calls her out, "Do you like to talk about yourself?" Without missing a beat, Dr. Heavenly, responds enthusiastically with, "I do!" Finally someone understands her. Something about this kid doesn't ring true – she seems coached to be the precocious scene-stopper. Heavenly is too much. Everything about her tries too hard. 

On the night of Simone's sleepover, Quad and Lisa Nicole show up in lingerie. Comfort be damned! When Simone whips out her so-called sexy skivvies it immediately becomes clear why there's a lull with Cecil. Simone was rocking a Britney Spears circa hit me one more time top tied and knotted at her belly button, and sweat shorts she had pulled up into cameltoe. Oh and sexy bedroom slippers – that's about all she got right. Thank goodness she has Quad, the LV of puppy couture, and Lisa Nicole, the LV of Housewives cocktail attire, on her case!

Over drinks the ladies talk sex – or rather how Simone isn't getting or giving any to Cecil"Sometimes I'm in the bed and I'm like, 'Ooooohhh – sex or sleep?' and sleep always wins," Simone confesses. Not to implicate, say ahem, myself here, but spoken like a true working mama! 

Simone Whitmore's Sleepover

With all their financial issues, coupled with being so busy, sex is just not a priority," Simone explains to a shocked Quad who suggests blowing Cecil's mind – and other things. "It sounds like there's a funeral in their bedroom every night," Quad says. Interesting considering Quad is holding on Dr. Gregory herself – and sneaking birth control pills. Perhaps Quad's strategy is when you do it, make it count so it will hold Dr. G off longer? I dunno – these ladies need a better sex therapist than Lisa Nicole

After the illuminating 'slumber party' (where Simone was probably the only one hoping for slumber) she realizes she needs to get her intimate life with Cecil back on track. 

In more somber issues, Lisa Nicole is dealing with some potentially life threatening news. Dr. Jackie Walters is donating her time to 50 Shades of Pink because she truly believes if women feel better about their appearance they will have the self-confidence to perseverance through cancer. She's speaking at event about her personal experiences.

Lisa Nicole Confides In Dr. Jackie

Lisa Nicole, whose mother also battled breast cancer, will be joining her at the event. Except Lisa has a secret and some bad news. During a self-exam she found a lump and got a mammogram. There a mass was discovered that needs further testing to determine if its cancerous. "I'm so scared," Lisa confesses. "All I can do in times like this is pray." 

Lisa tells her husband Darren who is supportive, loving, and encouraging. Then she confides in Dr. Jackie. Say whatever you want about Dr. Jackie but if I had cancer, I'd want her by my side. She vows to help Lisa through this and reminds her to stand by her faith and her convictions. 

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