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Y'all know I'm always the first person to snark on Alexis Bellino. Those outfits!  That husband! The whole "not knowing what regular words mean"! However, I must begrudgingly admit that, no matter what the situation, Alexis' heart always seems to be in the right place. 

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star just returned from a vacation where she spent her time giving back to those less fortunate. As much as Alexis annoyed me on RHOC, I do feel like she's one of the few who have left the franchise and continued doing what she would have been doing had she never been a Bravolebrity. Whether that's cutting sleeves off a dress recently sewn by seamstress or giving her time and energy to those who need it, I believe that Alexis, as shallow as she comes across, does have a heart of gold. And yes, it did pain me to type that…but I do think it's true.


Sharing a photos of a recent trip to Mexico, Alexis posted the above picture on her Facebook page with the caption, "What was the best part of our entire vacation? Visiting RISE Orphanage and having our kids pass out I've cream and pajamas to these children. None of them spoke the same language by voice, but they did by heart. We are forever changed by this day."

Alexis later shared the below photo collage, writing, "I saved the best pics for last. What was unspeakable by words was spoken through hearts. We cannot wait to go back to RISE Orphanage. Puerto Vallarta was one of the best vacations ever for this experience alone."

With some other housewives who shall remain nameless, I'd think this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. However, with Alexis, I know it's genuine. Of course, don't expect to see me sporting Alexis Couture any time in the near future!  Baby steps. 🙂


[Photo Credit: Facebook]

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