Kim Kardashian Not Married, Not Filming Her Wedding, Sets Record Straight

kim kardashian chain dress

Kim Kardashian loves to let rumors ride because, duh, it's more press for her.  She normally doesn't bother to dispute rumors (especially when it's during the filming of her show), but today she took to Instagram to shoot down a few of the latest. 

Kim wants us to know that she and Kanye West are not yet married, although many reports last week suggested they tied the knot ahead of their big Paris celebration that's supposed to take place later this month.  She also shot down the rumors that they will be filming their nuptials for an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim says they are opting to share through photos instead. 

Kim wrote, "We are not filming our wedding for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You will see everything leading up til and after!  As much as we would love to share these memories on camera, we've decided to keep this close to our heart & share thru photos." 

So, my best guess is they scored some big money magazine deal for the pictures and now E! is only allowed to show the preparation of the wedding and some of the "after".  

Kim also blasted the sites claiming their wedding is going to be a huge affair.  "No guest list has been released. Seeing fake ones. Especially not 1600 people invited like I just read. Its VERY small & intimate."  Same goes for supposed pics of her wedding dress, "Seeing fake wedding dress pics of me. No one has seen my dress! Those photos are old or photo shopped."  She adds, "Unless you hear it from us please don't believe nonsense!"

Some claim that it's the Kardashian-Jenner PR camps plant some of these rumors and then they come out all indignant about the ridiculousness of it all….  and then they can gripe out it on their show.

Let's speculate.  Is Kim going to marry in Paris? Is she going to sell her wedding photos for millions? Is she trying to get E! to pony up big money for the footage of the wedding ceremony? Or does she truly want a low-key private affair?

Photo Credit: Getty Images