Summer Rewis Gives Birth

I don't know where MTV is finding the girls on this season's 16 And Pregnant, because each one has a more messed up situation than the next! I can only hope this is proof that the show is definitely lowering the teen pregnancy rate and fewer girls are in fact getting pregnant. 

Last night 17-year-old Summer Rewis and her boyfriend DJ gave birth to son Peyton as they dealt with Summer's moms drug addiction and Peyton's health problems. Summer and DJ are from Collins, GA and need subtitles. Often. Summer is super cute and despite her rough childhood seems level-headed and sweet. She and DJ have a pretty stable relationship and I like them. 

While Summer's mom is a hot mess, DJ's parents are very supportive and let the couple live with them while Summer completes high school and DJ goes to school to become a welder. Summer also has 3 younger half-sisters whom she's close with. One happens to be called Pookie, which I'm just gonna hope is a nickname. Another says she has feet that smell like Fritos. 


Summer and DJ met online (Myspace) and have been dating for three years. Although they were using condoms they eventually ran out and were too lazy to get more. And now Summer is pregnant! Since Summer's mom is addeekted (that's "addicted" for English language speakers not afflicted by a super heavy southern drawl). 

Summer Rewis Mom Drugs

Summer's mom has been in and out of her life as she battled pill addiction. She's been sober for three weeks-ish so Summer is convinced this time she'll straighten up for good. Summer tries to take her mom out to dinner so they can have an honest conversation about their relationship before Peyton is born, except mama is high. She took two klonopin. Summer calls DJ in tears and decides to just take her mom home. Summer says her mom's addiction hurts her feelings and she's going to be the type of mom who is always there for her son. Poor girl. 

Since Summer and DJ don't have any money they decide to buy a used crib off craigslist from a lady sporting an eyepatch and missing teeth. Jack Sparrow's fan club president?! For $30 the lady also throws in the cockroach infested mattress! Score! DJ's mom, Frances, makes them put the crib outside when she sees the bugs. Summer is disappointed because she thought the crib was cute – bugs and all. Were they seriously going to re-use a mattress? UGH! Even if they salvaged the crib – get a new mattress! 

Summer Rewis Baby Shower

Since Summer's mom is using again, Summer uninvites her to their baby shower. On the day of the shower, DJ announces he's gonna buy a pitbull puppy for $85 from some lady selling them from the pizza restaurant. DJ's sister Sam lectures him about wasting money and also points out that he's not going to have time for a dog and a newborn. Details! DJ gets mad at his sister for being like so realistic and rational and stuff! Then he comes home with the puppy. DJ's mother and sister again tell him it's a bad idea – especially when it pees on the floor next to the new baby swing. Just to break this down, dude is putting his newborn in a roach-infested crib, but spent $85 on a dog. 

Summer's water breaks and she goes into labor. Despite her mom's insobriety, Summer wants her at the hospital. She comes with Summer's aunt and they go on and on and on talking about who had the most horrible, painful, and traumatic childbirth stories. Yep perfect place and time for that. Summer gets stressed out and upset. Sadly she also waits too long for the epidural and ends up having a natural childbirth. I have been there and do not recommend it kids! She freaks out and is too afraid to push, but you know… too late for all that honey. Shouldn't of been too lazy to pick up those free condoms at the Planned Parenthood! 

Summer Rewis Son Peyton Daniel

Peyton Daniel is born, but unfortunately he is breathing too fast and is rushed to a bigger hospital in Savannah. Summer and DJ spend a week while their son is in the NICU. It turns out Peyton had a bacterial infection and with antibiotics is totally fine. They go home to DJ's parents' house where it appears some blessed person bought them a new crib and threw the roachinett away! Thank goodness for mom and dad! Also, awesome – DJ is an involved dad who does more than pitch in with his son, which is refreshing to see. 

With a new baby and DJ back in training school, Summer doesn't have time for high school – especially since she missed an additional week of online school while Peyton was in the NICU. She and DJ decide she'll get her GED. The news doesn't go over well with DJ's parents who really wanted Summer to graduate. Still they take it in stride. 

That's not the only bad news – Summer gets a call from her sister that their mom was arrested for check forgery and is facing two years in prison. Summer's mom is released on bail while she awaits trial. Summer and DJ take Peyton to visit his grandma and she cries about the mistakes she's made and how drugs have ruined her life. Summer is patient with her mom and clearly the adult in this relationship. 

Summer Rewis, DJ Rewis, Peyton Rewis

Summer promises she'll always provide a better life for Peyton and not repeat the mistakes her mom made. She also plans to go to college so she can be independent. 

UPDATE – WHERE IS SUMMER NOW: Summer and DJ are married. According to her twitter they married when she was 6 months pregnant (and I noticed them wearing rings throughout the episode, but for whatever reason MTV never mentioned it). Unfortunately Summer discovered DJ was cheating on her recently. The two are working on their marriage however and he is really apologetic. "Everyone makes mistakes. He loves me and I love him. We're trying to work on things," she explained on her page. 

Summer And DJ Rewis Update

Summer's mom is still awaiting trial and they still have their pitbull. She plans to go to school to study cosmetology. 

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