Apollo Nida Explains Connection To Angela Stanton And Angers T.I. Harris

Apollo Nida Peace Sign

So, do we think that Phaedra Parks has already kicked Apollo Nida to the curb? The Real Housewives of Atlanta star keeps saying she's standing by her man, but after Apollo's latest bout of verbal vomit about his situation, she may be rethinking her position.

Feeling the need to talk about his recent legal drama, Apollo is all over Twitter and giving interviews about his fraud charges, and he's angering fellow reality stars in the process. I'm just going to go on the record saying that T.I. Harris isn't Apollo's biggest fan!


Apollo spoke to Sister 2 Sister magazine about his latest ordeal, and I planned to summarize what he said, but I was too confused after reading it the following excerpt. From what I understand, Apollo is giving the back story on Angela Stanton's accusations while trying to clear Phaedra's name in all the chaos. Still, I am really not quite sure what point he's trying to make. Any help understanding would be greatly appreciated! 

So what is this Angela Stanton thing?

Oh, man. I read something about her today. First of all, my wife has never, ever committed any type of crime.

Is she saying that she has, though?

Angela will say whatever she wants to say.

How do you know Angela?

I know her from the past. This is exactly how it happened. I’ve had dispositions on this throughout Phaedra’s lawsuit. I’ve spoken to numerous attorneys because I hold the key.

Why is she saying these things?

Okay. Angela was dealing with a dude named Drama. I don’t know if y’all read her book. Some of the stuff is facts; a lot isn’t.

Is that DJ Drama?

No, not DJ Drama. No, no, no. This is a kid who used to rap. Phaedra was basically his mentor or whatever, got him from one contract to another. But anyway, I meet Drama. He was still in the streets. Phaedra was trying to get him on the right path. I was in the streets. And at this point I was dealing with the cars and everything. I met Angela through Drama, not through Phaedra.

She’s never been indicted with me; she’s never been indicted with Phaedra; she’s never been indicted for racketeering. At the end of the day, how are you claiming that you were indicted on a federal racketeering charge when that’s a lie? You’re saying that you dealt with Phaedra on checks the 2nd and 3rd; that’s a lie.

So she felt like “Oh, I don’t have any money, so let me call Phaedra,” because I knew her through Drama. “Let me call her to represent me.”

So when was this?

This has to be, like, between ’04 and ’06? Somewhere in there. It’s all in the indictment; you can read it. But working with Phaedra, working with me? Never, ever, ever. So the whole problem with Angela Stanton is this: Angela didn’t have any money. She tried to reach out to a lawyer; she thought that she could reach out to Phaedra.

From what I see on the documentation, every time you have a lawyer, they have to make a notice of entry. So I don’t see where Phaedra’s ever represented this girl.

But anyway, she had to do time. She does time. She comes home. I’m on the show. Phaedra’s on the show.

And Angela sees this.

Angela’s pissed. “You m*therf*ckers are stars now. What?” At that point, she just went ballistic. She’s calling up there. So this is a situation where me and Phaedra always talk. I said to her—back then, when this was happening, I want to say 2010—”Let’s sit down and talk to her.” “No.” Phaedra, that’s how she is and that’s probably part of where we are to this point in a lot of things because sometimes in life, if you have a mate, you have to compromise. My thing was, hey, I like to attack confrontation head-on.

You like to get it out in the open.

Yeah, and let’s air it out. So that never happened. Most of the time, people want something. “What, do you want? Help with your book? When did you write this one, this Lies of a Housewife? Okay, let’s not do that because that’s some bullc#@p.”

So she puts this book out and says all this crazy stuff and just tries to, I guess, make herself famous in her own way. S#@t, I’ve been waiting on my opportunity to go to court and face that lady because I know the truth. I was the person who was there, so it’s nothing you can say that goes around me.

So you’re not afraid of this. Everybody’s saying, like, “Apollo and Phaedra are going to go to jail and this girl is telling all these things.”

No, because it’s two different situations. All of that situation has nothing to do with what’s in front for me. What’s going on with me right now is a criminal complaint that I have to answer to. In due time, I’ll have my day in court.

Did you understand any of that? Maybe I need to read the interview in its entirety. I think Apollo may just want to keep his mouth shut about all of this, and I'm not the only one who agrees. T.I. Harris had some choice words for Apollo after Apollo compared his plea bargain to that of T.I.'s by implying that he and Michael Vick cooperated with the Feds with their individual deals. The rapper turned reality star even confronted Apollo in an Atlanta parking lot and made him apologize for the comparison which apparently likened him to being a snitch. 

Gossip On This shares a recent radio interview that T.I. gave after getting Apollo to change his tune. He told the hosts, “I don’t have no slandering. If you’re going to tell the truth on me that’s fine. Anybody got something to say about me, make sure it’s the truth. If it ain’t the truth, just be ready to see me. The wonderful thing about the federal government and the United States is that all agreements, plea agreements are public record so you can pull Clifford Joseph Harris. It’s all out there, man, so you can pull my agreement up.” 

Of course, Apollo quickly took to Twitter to shamelessly suck up to T.I., claiming his initial comments were taken out of context. He wrote, "@Tip I respect both Them guys and looked up to them every since they started her career no Homo​," adding, "@Tip For the record I never said TI nor Mick Vick cooperated for the FED's in there plea agreement. This was all taken out of context​."

I'm going to agree with T.I. on this one…Apollo needs to zip his lips.