UPDATE: Love And Hip Hop’s Benzino Receives Travel Vouchers From Airline He Claims Racially Profiled Him


What do you get when you mix this story with this story? Snake on a Plane!  Get it?  So sorry, but I couldn't resist.  🙂 

I guess Southwest had better up its game so that people forget quickly about the airline that kicked Benzino off a plane! Quick, someone cue one of those hilarious YouTube clips of the flight attendant giving her hilarious pre-flight instructions that have gone viral (seriously, have you seen them? Hysterical!)!

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has had a big few days. Not only was he married in Vegas (no doubt it will be featured this at some point on the show!), he also had quite the expletive laden exit during a Chicago layover on a flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta.


As you recall, the Neckless Wonder became enraged when a flight attendant approached he and his wife in first class and asked to see their tickets. After screaming that the airline employee was a bleeping racist, 'Zino's travel plans were quickly grounded…and the entire debacle was caught on film.

Now Benzino is citing a victory against AirTran (which merged with Southwest), claiming the airline has admitted to racially profiling him for his first class seats…and he's got the free travel vouchers to prove it! Benzino tells TMZ that the he was only asked to show his ticket because he was a person of color, and the flight attendant pretty much said the same to him when 'Zino became offended with the request.

Benzino shares, "They basically were talking to me very disrespectful and came at me inappropriate. That’s why I was upset about the situation," adding, "I am not the one to scream the race card unless I truly believe I am being treated not equal." I do believe that 'Zino would have to have his buttons pushed to go off in the manner he did. He's always pretty cool on the show. Is my crush showing? 

In the wake of the news, Benzino took to his Twitter to share several Maya Angelou quotes (may her beautiful soul rest in peace) which he believes spoke to the incident. He also Instagrammed the site's photo of the vouchers, writing, "EXACTLY! WE DID NOTHING WRONG!!! IT WAS AN UNFORTUNATE SITUATION AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE GOT SO ANGRY BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS, SHOUTS OUT TO THE SUPERVISOR WHO HANDLED IT IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY." Now, there's the 'Zino I know and love. He is passionate, yet he still realizes he shouldn't have flown off the handle. He even gives credit where credit is due. I could just hug his neck, er, um…

Perhaps the airline did realize that the flight attendant was in the wrong, and it is trying to placate 'Zino with $200 worth of travel vouchers, or perhaps it just wanted to calm the reality star before he continued bashing the company. Regardless, he's not going to get far on $200. 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]