Tori Spelling’s Life May Be In Shambles, But She Would Like To Keep Sharing It With The World

Tori Spelling AT Today Show

Tori Spelling is not done airing her dirty laundry just yet. An insider recently spoke out and claims that the former 90210 star is hoping for another reality TV deal for her family.

True Tori is not even done yet — there is a reunion scheduled for next week — and Tori Spelling is ready to sign another reality TV deal. But so far, no networks have been biting. Her latest reality venture followed her and her husband Dean McDermott as they tried to repair their marriage after his affair. Which he had because he is an addict — of sex, booze and whatever else would make the affair ok in his wife's eyes.

The show was a train wreck and the ratings were dismal. I would assume that was mostly in part to the rumors that the twosome made the whole thing up. The timeline did not add up and they were spotted seeming pretty happy while airing 'real-time' scenes showing their marriage falling apart.


The source who spoke to Radar Online claims that Tori is ready for a reality show to document her rebuilding her family. “Tori is hoping either Lifetime or Oxgyen will want to do another reality show as her family begins to live their lives after Dean’s three month stint in rehab. Dean has been filming Chopped Canada in Toronto, but has been commuting back and forth.”

They go on to say that, "Tori would do a 24/7 reality show of her life if she could. She is truly addicted to it.”

Even though filming these reality shows and having the public know about their ups and downs is taking a toll on her kids. (Which btw, makes it even more sad if they are making this up to have a show.)

Her kids are already acting out with Liam refusing to take photos with his dad in the season finale.

“The last thing Tori’s kids needs are more cameras in their lives. Liam is clearly struggling as he has been acting out on the show,” the source added.

“Thankfully, Hattie and Finn are young enough to not realize what is going on around them. Tori needs to take a year off from filming a reality show, or writing a book spilling all of the most intimate details of her life.”

"It’s bad enough Tori decided to do the reality show as she was trying to repair the marriage, but to include the kids was not wise. In recent days, Tori told her close friends Liam was having major issues with appearing on camera, and that she had to bribe him with toys and candy,” the insider previously told Radar Online.

I personally think the entire story is sad. Maybe the True Tori Reunion should be Tori's last appearance on reality TV for a while, for the sake of her family.

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