Dr. Heavenly Kimes Dishes Out Advice To Her Married To Medicine Co-Stars

Married to Medicine Dr. Heavenly

Married to Medicine wrapped season two last night – save for the reunion – and it ended with Mariah Huq isolated and full of herself, Toya Bush-Harris as deluded as ever, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Lisa Nicole Cloud, and Dr. Jackie Walters connected and enjoying each other's company. 

Never one to keep her opinions to herself, Heavenly took to her blog to offer her Married to Medicine co-stars her own special brand of advice. I'd rather walk blinged-out pups down a runway than listen to Dr. Heavenly's advice or voice. Trust, that's saying a lot, as I am not a fan of little dogs. 


"I've been in business for over 12 years and one thing I know for sure is — you have to have your own vision, trust in yourself, and trust in God," shared Heavenly. "The group of women in Married to Medicine are all powerful. We also all have our flaws, but we are all still good people and support each other. These group of women do not and cannot have a leader. We are all leaders."

From here, Heavenly addressed each of her co-stars, offering some advice. Because, of course! I think it's physically impossible for Dr. Heavenly to keep her mouth closed and/or her opinions to herself. 

Quad: "Most people will not see your vision and may even laugh at you, but you have to keep pushing forward. I love the idea of the puppy line. I think it is a needed product and highly specialized, and that's what a true business leader looks for. More power to you!!! I'm so proud of you!!! I do think you could benefit from forgiveness. I do not have a problem with you not forgetting, but we should move on." 

Heavenly said Dr. Simone is funny, adding, "She has a good heart. She is a bit flaky, but she means well. I think she should spend more time at home and less time at work. It's all about priorities!"

"Dr. Jackie does a very good job of staying neutral and out of the drama. She does have a very convenient call schedule — when she does not want to come to an event. She does her dirt, but she does it with class. Nice/nasty. I think she should be less stiff. Relax a little. All work and no play makes Jackie dull."

Heavenly cannot resist throwing shade at Toya; it's practically a part-time job of hers! "Toya is happy and her new rented home is beautiful. I know my husband and hers are both ER doctors. But maybe her husband has a trust account somewhere — but that's none of my business. I think she should budget and save more. Live for today — but plan for tomorrow. She needs to have a front row seat at the next Dr. Heavenly University."

Heavenly thinks Mariah could stand to be more humble. HAHAHA. Has she met Mariah?!? HAHAHA. "Mariah is doing her business thing too. Every woman needs a good diet bar on the go! I'm proud of her as well. Mariah you could learn from a bit more humility. If everyone says you are wrong, you should look at yourself and do what's best, even if you don't agree."

"Lisa Nicole is a breath of fresh air. She's business savvy, a woman of God, and a very classy lady. I think she should spend less time in business and more time home taking care of her man. But that's just me."

Dr. Heavenly: "I think Dr Heavenly is the baddest bitch on this show. She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. A REAL woman and the epitome of success and balance. That's right I make money. Iron my man's clothes and cook too. And still have time for my kids! #DENTIST I work on a part-time basis so I have time for everything. Dr Heavenly is a business, money, and relationship EXPERT! I have made all the mistakes so that you do not have to!"

Is she for real?!? I can't with Dr. Heavenly and her "expert" advice. I, for one, hope she isn't invited back to the show next season. 


Photo Credit: Bravo