Married To Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford And Lisa Nicole Cloud Call Out Mariah Huq

Married to Medicine Quad

Season one of Married to Medicine focused on drama Mariah Huq started with Toya-Bush Harris over alleged gossip. So far, season two of Married to Medicine has revolved around drama Mariah started with former best friend Quad-Webb Lunceford based on yet another she said/she said situation.

All these wrongs against Mariah, never a camera in sight, begs the question… If an insult falls out of someone's mouth and Bravo's cameras are not there to catch it, did it ever really happen? Probably not if Mariah's telling the story. 

Quad took to her Bravo blog to address Mariah's latest antics.   "If you pay close attention you can see that it’s always the same story, different characters – 'I made him/her relevant' is the mantra. First it was Toya, then Brian Lamar, Reco Chapple, and now me. Mariah called herself a star maker – too bad she couldn’t use those powers to help herself." 


"Mariah needs to check her ego," continued Quad. "She continues to speak negatively about me. Constantly planting seeds as to how she helped me or wanted to change me. Disregarding my feelings and mocking me. She has been making up lies to try to hide the truth. I have only spoken the truth. However, some people love mess and no matter how many facts are presented they are drawn to the flashing lights of Messyville."

Quad went on to compare Mariah to a cancer! "A cancerous cell does not only come in the form of a disease pathology. It can also come in the form a fake friend. Early detection is a must. When not properly diagnosed it can metastasize, which could be fatal – in health and friendship. The best course of action is usually to cut if off and remove the cancerous cell."

Quad called Mariah sneaky, conniving, and manipulative because she tried to persuade Dr. Heavenly Kimes to take her side. "Every moment with her and her family is strategically crafted and contrived to perpetuate her distorted version of reality. What she fails to understand is the truth prevails alone, but liars need comrades to build and solidify their stories. Her and her clan continuously plot to extract a small portion of the truth and then saturate it with lies. She would do anything to keep herself in a glorified light."

Mariah and Mama Lucy failed to pressure Heavenly to "see" things their way in the end – and Quad compared Mariah to the Wizard of Oz. "It's clear she has adopted his deceitful method of projecting a larger than life picture to make others feel small in order to cover her own insecurities. Sorry. I'm not buying it and neither is Heavenly. She's hiding behind lies because she doesn't possess the humility to tell the truth. Her ego is coming out from under her mask darling. She got me a job with one phone call? Ha Ha Ha. What deals is she closing on the golf course? She couldn't close a back door deal at the West End Mall."

On this week's Married to Medicine, Mariah spewed, "I taught Quad how to be a good wife. Quad and I are NOT cut from the same cloth. We didn't come from the same type of home. I lowered myself a few levels to make Quad feel we are equal. We are not equal. We do not share the same moral fiber."

Lisa Nicole Cloud called out Mariah and used her own words against her: "In the words of Mariah Huq… 'Girl that’s deep. So that’s how you really feel.' If that is what it means to be loving and caring to a friend, who needs enemies." 

"Mariah [continued] to state that Quad is doing shows for the people. Hmm, I wonder if showing up late to the fashion show, with a bodyguard and entourage, and making a huge scene with Reco Chapple also counts as doing shows," said Lisa. "Mariah and Quad are at odds because Quad feels Mariah didn't have her back last season. Mariah told everyone she made Quad relevant. She tried to buy Quad off the cover of a magazine, and when they tried to come together and talk, it all ended as a big blow up and altercation at STK. Finally the pieces are coming together."

Lisa went on to question Mariah's definition of friendship. "In my opinion, real friends don't feel they are above one another. Friends do things to help each other out without expecting anything in return and definitely without hanging it over the head of the other friend and then throwing it back in their face."

Back to Quad, she snarked that Mariah is FINALLY telling the TRUTH about something. "We are not cut from the same cloth – I'm cut from the finest fabrics of honesty and integrity."

Addressing Mariah directly, Quad continued, "It's not your fault though, the apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree. There's no mistake that your mother is an instigator. She encourages bad behavior and violence. Her exact words were that Reco and I were skinheads, and that Reco was Satan. Miss Lucy, I respect my elders, but going forward keeping your mouth closed would be more suitable for you. And Mariah, you said, 'I even brought myself down a few notches to make her feel like we were equivalent.' I think you got your directions confused. Teaching me how to be a good wife? Did you pass that class yourself? Girl stop. You're way too full of yourself. Understand this, I look to my mother as an example of how to be a good wife. You my dear are #MarriedtoMessyville #MarriedtoMisery #MarriedtoManipulation"

Married to Medicine's ratings are in the toilet. Also in the toilet? Mariah's friendships thanks to Mariah's ego. Should be in the toilet? Mama Lucy's wigs.

Personally I'm over Mariah's arrogance and Mariah's mama. I definitely do not think it's merely a coincidence Mariah's "big" storylines – last season and this season – revolve around gossip not caught on camera. #MariahLies She's not a fan favorite and she's desperate to remain relevant – on "her" show – among the likes of Quad (huge personality) and Dr. Jackie Walters (classy lady). Mariah wouldn't know class if it bit her in the ass. #ChannelingMyInnerDrSeuss


Photo Credit: Bravo