Update: Apollo Nida Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison

apollo nida backpack

We’re still waiting for the “official” sentencing information, but early reports indicate that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison for identity theft, conspiracy, and fraud.   He reportedly won’t have to surrender until a later date.  We’ll keep updating as the news finally trickles out of the courtroom this afternoon.  His mom was present for the sentencing, but Phaedra Parks was not.

Apollo’s sentence is for  96 months (8 years) – he was initially facing 30 years.

Apollo got a much shorter prison term because he cooperated (aka ratted out others) with the Feds.

HLN confirms that Phaedra wasn’t there, but his mom and brother were.  His mother and brother spoke to the court about Apollo’s rough upbringing.  They say Apollo was very composed.

Apollo will get to reduce his time in prison by participating in a drug rehab program.  And the judge is going to try to place him near Atlanta so his boys can visit.  But he won’t get a “camp” type prison that some level 1 or level 2 offenders get.  Apollo was level 5 (6 is the highest), so he will serve his time in a “real” prison.


Photo Credit: Bravo