Catfish Season 3 finale Episode 10- Bianca and Brogan

I can’t believe that it’s already the season finale of Catfish! I’m sad that I joined you mid-season—hopefully I’ll be back!

We’ve returned to the land of ridiculously named twenty-somethings, aka the land of Catfish. Nev gets an email from Bianca– a girl who has been talking to another girl over the internet named Brogan. Bianca fell in love with Brogan because Bianca is really into body modification and Brogan’s pictures depicted her with a lot of tattoos. Bianca felt an instant connection with Brogan, but had never wanted to video chat with her because she thought it would be awkward. Then, all of a sudden, Brogan vanished into thin air. She deleted her Facebook and stopped answering her calls.


A year later, Brogan returned to the world of the internet and started talking to Bianca again. Bianca was so excited to hear from her that she never asked where Brogan had gone.

Nev and Max start a video chat with Bianca, and she has the most enormous gauges I have ever seen. She explains that she got into body modification when she was in middle school, and came out shortly after. She says that she has never really fit in where she lives, and that is why she got so close to Brogan. She says that she didn’t ask Brogan why she disappeared because she was afraid that Brogan would disappear again and she would lose her. She says that she wants to meet Brogan because she wants to move away and wants someone to take the journey with.

Nev asks Bianca if they can bring some supermodel on the trip with them (I’m really sorry, I have no idea who she is… I think her name is Selita?) who is fascinated with online relationships because some had tried to take her identity online once, which makes her an expert obviously?

They arrive in Durham and to Bianca’s house. Nev asks her how deep her feelings are for Brogan. She says that in other relationships that she’s had, the conversations were topical at best, and they didn’t have as much in common with each other as her and Brogan do. They were talking for about 5 months when Brogan disappeared and stopped talking to Bianca. Nev asks Bianca to show them Brogan’s page. They see that she has a brother on Facebook and look at her pictures.

Investigation time! But before we can investigate…Selita gets a random call from David Spade. Uh yeah that wasn’t a typo.

The group first search Brogan’s name in Google, and find her right away. They then do the image search, but find no matches. They do the reverse phone lookup, but once again, nothing comes up. They then search Brogan’s name without her middle name (which I think they should’ve done in the first place) and come across a blog that had been deleted with the title “Who the hell is Brogan Acaster?” They find a picture of legs with the same tattoos that Brogan had that has a pregnant belly. They think that maybe she disappeared because she was pregnant, but they still want to find the person who writes the blog. The girl who runs the blog has the same last name as Brogan, and searches further to find her husband, who was in a picture on Brogan’s Facebook as her brother. They found the girl in the pictures, whose name is actually Chloe. Selita feels bad for Bianca because Brogan was her ticket out of her town, and now she may have nothing.


They share their findings with Bianca, and she’s upset the second she sees the picture with the pregnant stomach. They also show her the pictures of Chloe and Chris, and Bianca is extremely upset. She says that she feels like all of their conversations were a lie. Selita says that Bianca deserves answers, and Bianca is determined to get some.

Nev calls Brogan and does his schpiel about Catfish. He tells her that Bianca would like to meet her, and that Bianca already knows that her name isn’t Brogan and that she isn’t the girl in the pictures. Brogan reveals that her name is actually Tia, and wants to know if Bianca hates her… uh wouldn’t you hate someone that lied like that? Tia says that she is willing to meet Bianca right away.


The next day, they hipster travel montage to Iowa, and Bianca also deleted all of her texts from Brogan. The next morning, they get in the car and head off to see Tia. Bianca says that all she’s looking for is honesty in the meeting, and she is extremely nervous. Nev goes up to the door and knocks, but no one comes at first. (Nev creepily looks into the window while waiting. Is that ever ok?). Tia finally comes to the door, and introduces herself to Bianca. She explains that she made the fake profile at first randomly, but then it spiraled out of control and got addicted to being Brogan. She apologizes a lot, and says that Chloe’s pictures looked like a person that she wanted to be, and that she was 300 pounds before. She explains that she disappeared because she felt very guilty about what she was doing, but came back because she missed Bianca. She says that she feels guilty, but that she does have actual feelings for Bianca, and that she only lied about her name and tattoos.

The next morning, Bianca tells them that it’s going to take a while to forgive Tia because trust is a huge deal for her. They decide that they’re going to meet with Tia to really listen to her side of the story. Tia came out when she was in high school, and says that her family and friends were very accepting of it. She says that she made the fake profile because she was overweight, and she needed something to bring up her self esteem. She turned to the Brogan profile for comfort. Selita defends Bianca, because Tia hadn’t gone through all of the bullying that Bianca had to go through, and she only had low self esteem because she brought herself down. Tia then goes into more detail, revealing that when she was younger, she was physically assaulted in some way. She doesn’t want to tell Bianca about it because she doesn’t want it to sound like an excuse for her behavior, but agrees to talk to her because she thinks she owes it to Bianca.

The two girls go to talk, and Bianca tells Tia how she feels. Tia says that she wishes that she could take it back, and that she wants to explain why she did it. She goes into detail about the assault, which was sadly sexual in nature. She turned to the internet for comfort, and found Bianca. She asks to continue to talk to Bianca, and Bianca says that it’ll take some getting used to, but is open to it.

One month later, the boys Skype with Bianca, and she says that she isn’t ready to trust Tia. Tia contacted her two or three days after the meeting, and Bianca thought it was too soon to be talking. Tia wants to develop a friendship at some point, and says that she regrets what she did and still has feelings for Bianca.

I think, other than the first two or three episodes, this season was a bit lackluster. I did have fun writing these recaps, and hope to show up again soon!


Recap Author: Kara S.

Photo Credit: MTV