LeAnn And Eddie Episode One – Fifty Million Ways To Leave Your Lover Recap!

eddie cibrian leann rimes reality show episode 1

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are taking a cue from Brandi Glanville and realizing there are better ways than Twitter to tell your story and repaint the picture that is your life: reality TV! 

Their reality show LeAnn & Eddie premieres tomorrow on VH1, but the network released an advance screening. The show is a so-called inside glimpse into the little known world of LeEddie. “Everyone thinks they know us,” Eddie saucily tells us, “but there’s two sides to every story.” I wonder how long it took Sir Genius to come up with that one?!  

The premiere, titled “Fifty Million Ways To Leave Your Lover,” confronts allegations that the couple is headed for a $50 million dollar divorce because Eddie is cheating and LeAnn is crazy. They don’t expect us to believe that. But, um… too bad – cause we do! Because they are really trying to use this show to put on an act about how happy, in love, and honest they are. 


With LeAnn clinging to Eddie’s leg like a dog in heat in nearly every interview shot, they’re ready to tackle the tabloids, rumors, and misconceptions head-on. 

Eddie and LeAnn seem to be under the impression that everyone cares about them. They spend an exorbitant amount of time complaining/gloating about the tabloids’ interest in them and pretending everyone asks questions about their marriage. LeAnn laments that Eddie never addresses the rumors in the public eye, leaving her to do all the talking on their behalf and thus appearing like the obsessive stalker nightmare who is fixated on Eddie’s ex-wife.  They argue about this. Like 10 seconds into the show. But they’re not getting a $50 Million dollar divorce y’all, because neither one of them even has $50 million to begin with!

On their way to a premiere for Eddie’s movie, they discuss what he should do if asked about the whole $50 million dollar divorce story gracing the cover of a tabloid currently. I think they even hired paparazzi to question them on the red carpet. Eddie refuses to answer, but LeAnn wishes he would just speak up for her sake. Because she’s tired of looking like the trashy harlot she is. 

And, of course, there is the dreaded Brandi issue… “We have a third party in this issue that’s just a mouthpiece,” whines LeAnn. “It doesn’t matter if we don’t say anything because she’ll just keep on blabbing.” Well -I have to agree with LeAnn there. Eddie does little to hide that he’s over it and would rather be sexting his sidepiece. Scheana? Call me! “I think people are smart enough to realize what she’s doing and why she’s doing it,” Eddie retorts. 


“Cause it’s not like we do that for our job or anything,” snipes LeAnn, acting as if her ass is NOT on a reality show. Although credit where credit is due, Brandi’s only job (besides “author” and drunken lush) is reality star, whereas LeAnn actually does sing. Eddie on the other hand… well, he’s acted here and there! 

LeAnn tries to dispel rumors that she is, or ever was, obsessed with Brandi by stating that all the rumors, lies, and gossip was “super difficult” and “really took its toll” on her in the beginning. Hence the trip to Twitter-Rehab. But now the couple is laughing at us just as much as we’re laughing at them! They’re so playing us y’all! 

The other storyline is that after 20 years being trapped in a record contract that she signed at age 11 and making an estimated 14/15 records LeAnn is finally free. And it feels like rebirth. Eddie and LeAnn go out to dinner with their besties Liz and Dave. And if you think Brandi or LeAnn has too much plastic surgery they look downright natural, like precious little buds compared to Liz who is rocking Taylor Armstrong lips and a face as taut as shiny plastic! There was a glare from the sun reflecting off of it. 

To celebrate LeAnn wants a new ‘freedom’ tattoo. Eddie argues with her, and we see a small snippet of his controlling side when he demands she get a small one. “Tattoos and boobs – they’re like bank accounts… they can never be too big,” quips LeAnn. 

During the tattooing, LeAnn makes moany sex noises which… just no! They talk tabloid rumors that refuse to go away – much like these two! Even Mason apparently wants Eddie to comment – one time he read a tabloid that said mom and dad [Brandi and Eddie] were getting back together and Mason allegedly said, “I for sure know that’s not true,” to LeAnn. 

LeAnn and Eddie then host a charity skydiving event for wounded veterans for a program called Wings of Inspiration. More accurately Eddie will be skydiving and LeAnn will be singing the National Anthem to avoid “pooping her pants” mid-air because she is afraid to skydive. Mario Lopez is on hand to broadcast the event and is prodded by LeEddie’s producers to ask about the tabloid rumors so they can further this storyline of the tabloids that haunt their perfect marriage. duh-duh-duuuuh!

In the end, Eddie decides to comment on the tabloid rumors and LeAnn decides to skydive. Awwww… look at that y’all: teamwork! They’re so in love! So in sync! They’re so together! I was impressed that LeAnn jumped out of a plane in heels – in Rag & Bone boots no less! 

I have to say, and I hate to admit this, but LeAnn came across as kinda likable and pretty fun, but still STOP TALKING ABOUT THE TABLOIDS and LET IT GO! But Eddie came off as trying too hard and fake. 

[Photo Credit: VH1]


Watch the first episode of Eddie & LeAnn below!