That Makes Two! Lizzie Rovsek Also Thinks Tamra Judge Is Stirring The Pot


Lizzie and Tamra have issues in the limo

Yesterday we reported that Vicki Gunvalson was hip to the fact that her former bestie, Tamra Judge, was doing nothing this season but stirring the drama pot. Well, today, Lizzie Rovsek says she absolutely agrees.

In an interview with All Things Real Housewives, Lizzie opens up about her rookie season on the Real Housewives of Orange County, her disastrous dinner party and the drama that surrounds anything that comes out of Tamra’s mouth.


Lizzie Rovsek has been relatively quiet so far this season. Besides putting Vicki in her place when they first met — You Go Girl! — she has pretty much flown below the radar. All of that changed when she threw her first dinner party. Which will live in infamy as the “take the Beadors down dinner.”

“I don’t think Shannon made it up. I truly believe Tamra told her that. I have never known Shannon to lie. Do I think Terry made this comment? No, I honestly don’t think he said it. But here’s my thing, if he did or didn’t why would your very close friend say that to someone else? First of all, if it was said, and that’s your very good friend, you don’t repeat it. Second of all, if it wasn’t said, why would you make that up? It’s either to hurt someone or to instigate drama. Either way, it wasn’t a good move on Tamra’s part. What’s strange to me is that neither Heather nor Terry got upset with Tamra. All of the blame is put on Shannon and she didn’t even bring it up at the table. It seems like a contrived act to stir sh– up! So, once again Shannon and Heather are going at it because of something that Tamra said.”

All right, so that is at least 2 votes for Tamra being a s–t stirrer! But apparently the ladies eventually all have a problem with Tamra and what comes out of her mouth. And we should just say this now, no one, and I mean no one, believes that Tamra does not remember what she said.

After alluding to the fact that she had the most problems with Tamra this season, Lizzie opens up about a dinner party that is yet to come. And apparently it is worse than the other dinner parties we have seen so far this year. Seriously the ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County need to STOP having dinner parties!

“Basically what happened at that dinner was, we had all been hurt by things that Tamra had said about us. The only thing that we were doing was defending our honor and I was defending what she was saying about me. I tried to correct the story, but she said even more awful things to me. Things she knew nothing about, things that were so below the belt. So, the only thing I could tell her is that she is crass and insecure. There was no other retaliation. I cannot resolve conflict with her. I keep trying to make amends and you just can’t do it.”

This disagreement does not seem to be one that will be resolved anytime soon. When Lizzie appeared on Watch What Happens Live! she said that they had just finished filming the reunion and it was rough. A sentiment she also share in her interview.

“It was a very long day. We covered a lot of things in there and I would like to say that some conflicts were resolved and sadly some were not.”

Sounds like Tamra is going to have a tough go of it the rest of the season and sitting on the infamous reunion couches.


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