Unless someone is already a huge LeAnn Rimes or Eddie Cibrian fan, I’m guessing what would draw someone to the their new reality show, “LeAnn and Eddie,” would be all that we have heard about them over the past couple years on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules.  I, myself, am part of the latter, and this episode did not disappoint!

This episode begins with a romantic date night at home that Eddie has planned. Eddie explains that the kids are with “their mother” and LeAnn is having some friends come in to town tomorrow, so he wanted to spend some quality time with her on this night. I couldn’t help but notice that Eddie can’t seem to bring himself to say “Brandi,” when referring to his children’s mother. Maybe LeAnn doesn’t allow it. He says he loves to do date nights at the house so they can avoid all of those pesky paparazzi issues. LeAnn talks about her upcoming girl’s night and Eddie says he needs a guy’s night. She asks what for? Like strippers and stuff? To which he jokingly questions, “Why would I want to give money to some strippers that I can’t even touch?” Hookers sounds more appealing to him.



The next morning, LeAnn’s friends have arrived and she is making lemon water with cayenne pepper to help speed up her metabolism. Her friends talk about how “LA” she’s become and said she needs to get back in touch with her southern roots. Doesn’t she miss all of the biscuits and dumplings she used to eat? The girls discuss going to brunch and having some Bloody Marys. LeAnn jokes that they might need a driver. Right before they head out, Eddie comes in and tells LeAnn that he got an offer for the show “Dallas.” He tells her that they will be filming in Dallas for seven months and he has to think long and hard about whether or not he wants to take the job. LeAnn says she really needs a drink now.

Eddie is doing a boxing workout at the gym and takes break to chat with his trainer about the job offer he has received. Last time he was away for work was when he did the TV show about Playboy, and that was filmed for three months in Chicago. He explains that it was really hard on LeAnn, as she had to take on the full responsibility of the boys. He says it’s going to be a tough decision.

LeAnn is at brunch with the girls and she tells them that her friend has sent her a text saying that Brandi is trying put out a story, that LeAnn needs to go to rehab. She goes on to say that the new girl on RHOBH, Joyce (Hoy-say), is saying that Brandi needs rehab and she agrees! LeAnn tells the viewers that Brandi and Eddie share children and it’s hard to make it work in the public eye, but they are doing their best. The girls order their food, which is mostly gluten free and healthy. This is too L.A. for the friends and they say that they are taking over the plans and getting LeAnn back in touch with her Southern side.

LeAnn’s friends have decided that they will take her four wheeling. Everyone takes off on their four wheelers except for LeAnn. She’s having some trouble with hers. She starts to get the hang of it and decides she will not be losing this race because she’s going to take a short cut. Hey LeAnn, that’s cheating!… but I guess you’re no stranger to that. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) LeAnn “wins” the race and says she’s ready for some wine. The girls suggest beer.

Meanwhile, Eddie is in the driveway repairing his car, when he receives a work phone call. They tell him that they have an offer for Eddie to return home for three days, every third week of filming. They also offer to pay for his travel, but they will need an answer by tomorrow morning. Eddie gets off the phone and discusses the offer with his friend. He says that his priorities are at home, but his friend reminds him that, “Everything is bigger in Dallas.” Eddie still can’t decide, but on the plus side, the car is magically repaired.


The girls want to go line dancing with LeAnn. LeAnn explains that there aren’t many country bars in L.A., but she has found one that the girls are going to love and it happens to be a gay bar. They have some beers, line dance with some gay cowboys, and take some selfies. They decide to do some shots at the bar, when one of LeAnn’s friends calls her up on the stage for “spontaneous” performance. It looked like a good time.


LeAnn stumbles through the door after a successful girl’s night. She stomps her way to the kitchen for some ice cream when Eddie comes downstairs. He brings up the job offer and dramatically tells her that he has decided to decline. LeAnn asks him if he is sure because she doesn’t want him to feel resentful and he says that he is. He says that there is no way it would work because it would just be too much time away from home. LeAnn starts crying tequila tears and Eddie reassures her that his place is with his family. He then scoops her up to carry her off to bed and attempts to knock her out accidentally bumps her head on the wall.

And that’s it for this episode of LeAnn and Eddie. I was so excited to get the RHOBH crossover that I was hoping for. I think they are trying to go for an “in your face”, sarcastic, approach to the tabloid issues that they’ve been dealing with lately, but I’m not sure how good that’s working for them. What did ya’ll think?


Recap Author: Cecile O’Neil

Photo Credit: VH1