Vicki Gunvalson Releases Another Book!


WhooHoo!!! Vicki Gunvalson has written another book, or co-written, or contributed. Not sure which, but regardless, there is a new book out with Vicki’s picture on the cover. The Real Housewives of Orange County star seems to have kept this book under wraps, or perhaps I missed the press release, but when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live! Monday night, she was definitely there to promote her second book.

Let’s Talk Money: Women’s Guide to a Lifetime of Wealth was co-written with best-selling author, Dennis M. Postima and, according to Amazon, the book is “Filled with conservative, straight-forward information and ideas, “Let’s Talk Money” allows women the opportunity to beat the odds and create a retirement income that lasts—for life”.

Another day, another dollar for Ms. Gunvalson.


Vicki has never been one to shy away from giving her friends financial advice. And she is a very successful insurance agent, so it kind of makes sense. Her friends should probably listen — I am talking to you Tamra Judge! But is the rest of the public ready for Vicki’s advice. That remains to be seen, but book is certainly ready to scare the pants off any woman who is not protecting themselves financially.

The book jacket states that, “Women face a unique set of challenges when saving for retirement and building an income that lasts. With the Administration on Aging reporting that 70% of seniors living below the poverty level are women and the National Women’s Law Center revealing that extreme poverty rates for women 65 and older rose 18% in 2012, these unique struggles aren’t just a concern–they’re practically an epidemic”.

Wow! Scary. Well, Vicki has preached time and time again to her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars when they were heading for a break-up or struggling that women need to protect themselves financially. Too bad she could not protect herself when she and Donn divorced….

I digress, the book promises that it “provides advice for a new generation of women who want to build a strong, lasting income and buck the growing trend of poverty that threatens to derail all their retirement dreams”.

Vicki knew you would all want to run out and get your own copy, but that is not even necessary. Just let your fingers do the shopping. “I’m so EXCITED about my new book launch!!” she tweeted. “You can order a copy on Amazon or go to my  website”.


[Photo Credit: BravoTV]