LeAnn & Eddie Recap: Eating And Tweeting


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to tweet a picture of some pancakes you just made your husband, but you accidentally capture your bare booty in the photo, without noticing? Anyone? Yeah, me neither, but that is the storyline of this week’s episode of LeAnn & Eddie.

The episode kicks off with Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes grocery shopping for an upcoming party that they are hosting. LeAnn purchases about three cows, and six pigs worth of meat for twenty guests. Eddie complains about how he has married an unstoppable spending machine.

LeAnn and Eddie are eating breakfast and chatting. LeAnn brings up that her publicist called her and advised her to keep a low profile because of the upcoming tour. This means no twitter wars! Eddie explains that LeAnn doesn’t start twitter wars, but she reacts to them. “I react to stupidity,” she elaborates. I wonder who this could be referring to… cough, Brandi. Eddie gets a text about an upcoming photo shoot offer. It’s for Men’s Fitness and he will be photographed in a swimsuit, by the pool. He immediately throws up pushes aside his pancakes and prepares to work out twice a day and starve himself until the shoot. LeAnn laughs that she’s supposedly the one with the eating disorder. Discussion of Eddie’s physique is put on hold when he discovers the selfie that LeAnn posted from that morning. It appears as though LeAnn was cooking pancakes for her hubby wearing a bra, panties, and an apron, and this was all captured in the background of her photo. LeAnn doesn’t think anyone will notice, but Eddie disagrees.


At the BBQ, we meet LeAnn’s mom. She seems like a really sweet, southern lady, and doesn’t waste any time asking LeAnn, “What’s this I hear about you, tweeting your butt on the Twitter?” LeAnn thinks her close friends and family have probably all seen the butt pic because they keep a close watch on her Twitter account, but she took the picture down so hopefully, not many other people have seen it. Her mom worries about how judgmental people will be. Meanwhile, Eddie walks around the party, drooling over everyone else’s plates. His mom brings him two pies and his assistant shows up with about fifty cupcakes, but Eddie sticks to his dry salad.

LeAnn’s stylist brings over some clothes to try on for her upcoming tour. She tries on several dresses and reminds him that they have to be loose enough for her to sing in and they also need a place for her mic. When they come across a dress that has an extremely low back, her stylist is reminded of LeAnn’s booty tweet. He says it’s the talk of the town and LeAnn is surprised because she “thought she took that photo down?” Hmm.. After this, there is a short scene of Eddie working out for his approaching photo shoot. It was a pretty boring scene, so I’ll spare you the mindless details. I’m pretty sure it was just filmed for Eddie to show off his body and make him appear busy.


LeAnn speaks to her publicist about the dreaded butt pic. Her publicist explains that they took down as much as they could, but LeAnn is still trending on Twitter, #RimesWithBooty. LeAnn Googles “LeAnn Rimes Butt Pic” and is pleased to see that LeAnn Rimes Affair is like, 14th on the Google search list now. That’s a plus, right? Eddie asks LeAnn how Booty Gate is going, and she explains that she has great people when dealing with press, but it concerns her that her two stepsons can Google anything that they want, so she doesn’t love the picture floating around out there. She just doesn’t know how stuff like this keeps happening to her! Eddie comforts her and tells her he’s her booty’s number one fan. Aww..

There is another short scene of Eddie. This time he is stripping down to his underwear to undergo a spray tan for the photo shoot. Once again, nice eye candy and not very much substance in this scene. LeAnn is meeting with her publicist to talk about the butt pic. (Are we still talking about this?!) Her publicist explains that it isn’t “sex tape, bad”, but it’s not good either. LeAnn is all, I’ve been through an affair, and that totally trumps this butt pic, so people should let this go. Her publicist says, she basically has to wait for someone else to screw up and take the heat off of her.


Finally, it’s the day of Eddie’s photo shoot. Upon arriving, Eddie learns that… surprise! He is wearing an actual suit by the pool, not a swim suit. His assistant must have misunderstood. Eddie is food deprived and cranky. His assistant leaves to get him some donuts, burgers, and any other food he can find along the way while Eddie does his shoot. Back at home, Eddie stuffs his face and LeAnn asks him for a favor to help distract from the irrelevant famous butt pic. She won’t tell him what the favor is yet, but he agrees as long as it doesn’t involve dieting.


Her brilliant idea to distract from her own butt pic, is to post a picture of Eddie’s butt. She tries to get him to pose full butt out, but he says he only loves her half butt. (What did I just type?) LeAnn thinks, if anything, it will show that her man has her back. Eddie eats a whole pie in bed while LeAnn counts the retweets of Eddie’s butt on Twitter. And that is where this butt saga finally ends. I can’t believe they squeezed a whole thirty minutes out of this!

Next week: Eddie goes on a double date with a friend who wants him to be his wingman and LeAnn tests her skills as a working mother, when she offers to babysit.


Recap Author: Cecile O’Neil

Photo Credit: VH1