K. Michelle Talks Her Spinoff And Why She Supports Joseline And Stevie J!

k. michelle vh1 spinoff

K. Michelle has branched out from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to land her own spinoff. But that doesn’t mean K. is leaving the drama behind. She reveals that her new show features plenty of chaos and we’re likely to see some of her ex-co-stars along the way! It won’t just be craziness, we’ll see a lot of K. Michelle recording her album, being a mom to her son, and everything else she has going on in her life. 

“You’ll just get to see me with my friends and my everyday life. And how I’m juggling everything and how you know, just because things are happening for me, there’s still a growth within me that I have to do in order to maintain it,” K. Michelle shares. And those friendships will be a key source of the drama. 


“When my life changed, my friends changed. The way some of them acted changed. So of course, there’s going to be some drama because nobody’s life is smooth sailing and perfect,” K. Michelle explains to VH1.

“But never at a point will we get to the level of Love & Hip Hop because it’s time that people know that there’s other sides to me. I’m funny, I don’t take sh*t from anybody, I speak my mind, I’m a mother, I’m an artist. So it’s time for them to see that other things are brought to the forefront more. We already know that I will offer you a verbal lashing that will send you back to your mama. We know that.”

Speaking of lashing, despite all the insanity of last season’s L&HH, K. Michelle and Joseline Hernandez have remained “legit” friends. “We don’t talk every day but we talk probably once a week like checking in on each other. Her and Karlie [Redd] are the only ones on that show that congratulated me — called me on my album and said ‘Oh my god, I’m so proud of you.’” 

And for her dedication and loyalty, Joseline might be rewarded! “I told Joseline that I was going to get on a track with her, for her music or whatever and you know do a hook with her. I think people don’t understand how good Stevie is and I think he goes through the same problem that I’ve been, each day, overcoming.”

“You see people on TV and you try to take away from that talent,” K. Michelle reminds us. Of Stevie: “He was one of the biggest producers, had all these hits and is really, really talented. I said I was gonna get him out here and really let him work because I love the fact that he’s a musician. He actually plays every single instrument. When I’m playing my album I don’t take beats from people, they have to make the music right on the spot. And I’ll say if I don’t like that sound or whatever. He’s the type of person that can do that. I actually did think about, and with two more weeks of creative on the album — I still might get Stevie out here. I might go ahead and get in the studio with him to see what he can creatively come up with.”

I personally think it’s all of Stevie’s personal issues and gross behavior that made people think less of his talent. 

Finally, K. Michelle weighs in on Iggy Azalea and her public feud with Perez Hilton! “You know y’all can tell anything to me, you don’t need to let it go. [Laughs],” she says about Iggy. “I just think she’s pretty,” K. clarified. “No one can knock me for my opinion. I never came at this woman at all! I made a comment because I was really confused by the tone of rapping and the—it has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with where you’re from.”

“Every time I have a question it starts controversy but I was really confused. And I just did not like how Forbes Magazine tried to declare this woman the face of hip hop, when there are so many amazing artists period,” K. Michelle continues. “So my comment was very innocent. I’m not a hater; I’m just in love with music. And my comment was very real. And so many people supported me and understood it. Not just black people, white people supported me. I wish her the best of luck. She’s another female; however she gets her money and she’s successful, girl, go get your money. But personally, I don’t like that stuff. I’m not a fan.” Well I guess that collaboration ain’t gonna happen – although K. Michelle does want to work with Nicki Minaj

[Photo Credit: Vh1]