LeAnn And Eddie Recap – Baby Time For LeAnn & Eddie?


This is episode 6 of LeAnn and Eddie, which apparently means it’s time to cover some of our favorite reality television storylines! Can you guess which ones? If you guessed doggy therapy or fertility issues, you win! Let’s get started.

This episode opens with LeAnn Rimes expressing concern to Eddie Cibrian about their little dog, Precious. LeAnn thinks she’s been acting different and seems depressed. Eddie hasn’t noticed, but suggests taking Precious to vet. This just won’t do because LeAnn believes it appears to be a mental health issue. This kind of situation requires a dog therapist. Eddie questions what the little dog will have to say to the therapist. I regret never having children? I don’t know my dad? LeAnn tells him to quit making fun of her and puts in a call to the puppy shrink.

LeAnn meets her mother, Belinda, for lunch. Belinda asks how the family is doing and hints around that she loves the boys, but she would really love to have a granddaughter. LeAnn agrees. Belinda warns her to not to wait too long. She’s already 31, and Belinda had issues with fertility. In fact, it took her 12 years to conceive LeAnn after being told that she would never be able to have children. This conversation is an eye opener for LeAnn and she thinks she should check into it.

Back at their home, LeAnn talks with Eddie while he repairs the outdoor shower head. He’s been shown as quite the Mr. Fix It on this series. She brings up what her and her mother talked about at lunch. She tells Eddie that Belinda offered to be a full time babysitter while LeAnn is on tour. Eddie is like, well… I thought we agreed to wait a while. This is purely my opinion, but Eddie’s body language and words were telling me, he doesn’t really want to have any more children. LeAnn shares her concern about the infertility issues, and Eddie tells her to make a doctor appointment. Good thing, because she has already made one for the following morning. The only problem is that it is scheduled at the same time as doggy therapy. Looks like Eddie will be taking on puppy therapy alone.


At the doctor’s office, LeAnn explains her family history with infertility. The doctor says that it is good that LeAnn is checking into this now, as age related infertility issues can begin as early as a woman’s late twenties. The doctor recommends a series of tests to evaluate LeAnn’s fertility. She’s anxious about the results.


Meanwhile, back at the house, it’s time for dog therapy! Wait.. no, she’s a life coach for dogs! And she’s worked with Oprah. The doggy life coach explains that many times the issues are not with the dog, but with the dog’s family. During Precious’s interview, her younger sister keeps butting in and trying to get attention. It is determined that this might be part of Precious’s depression. Eddie and the dog life coach begin giving all the dogs treats and are hoping for more polite behavior from Precious’s siblings. I wonder how much one gets paid to be a dog life coach.. especially for Oprah!

To get her mind off of waiting for the test results, LeAnn takes a hip hop class with her friend. Hip hop class?! Another favorite activity of so many reality TV shows! After class they talk about LeAnn’s tests. Her friend shares that she had a miscarriage and this makes LeAnn even more concerned.

Eddie decides to take LeAnn out bowling. He thinks a fun activity might help distract her from wanting to have a baby thinking about the test results. They endearingly name each other Mr. Ho and Mrs. Trash Bag for their bowling names. At least they can poke fun at themselves. They look like they’re having a really good time. Some fans come up and ask to take a picture. As more attention is drawn to them, they decide it’s time to leave.

It’s been days since LeAnn’s tests were taken. While baking cookies, she gets a call from the doctor. LeAnn’s levels are on the low side of normal, so the doctor recommends not waiting too much longer to have a baby. Eddie appears completely freaked out by this news and the thought of LeAnn stopping her birth control, but says, OK, with a glazed over look in his eyes. In his talking head, he explains that there is never a perfect time to have a baby, but he would rather have one with LeAnn a little earlier than expected, than not have a baby with her at all. I’m not completely convinced that the “doctor” on the phone wasn’t Belinda trying to hurry along a granddaughter. I’m just kidding! But LeAnn’s mom did seem really excited at that thought.

The episode concludes with LeAnn and Eddie talking to Precious in bed. Eddie attempts to use some doggy therapy techniques on LeAnn. He’s convinced they will work. On next week’s episode, Eddie tries his hand at decorating and LeAnn designs some security safe handbags.


Recap Author: Cecile O’Neil

Photo Credit: VH1