Traci Steele Talks Fight With Tameka Raymond On Atlanta Exes; Says She’s Done With Reality TV!

DJ Traci Steele Green Pants

Atlanta Exes is coming out of the gate swinging. Literally.

On this week’s episode Tameka Raymond, ex-wife to Usher, got into an altercation with Traci Steele, ex Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, at Tameka’s “Tea Market” event. An event, I remind you, that was thrown for a charity honoring Tameka’s deceased son. What is that etiquette rule that states Everything has a time and a place, again? Yeah, Tameka, Traci, and Torrei Hart need to read up on their Emily Post!

Rumor has it the fight prompted Tameka to quit the show, which necessitated producers to beg her back. Traci is speaking out to tell her side of the story, and of course she is crying editing foul! Girl  please, you want back on reality TV, you were desperate for a big blown up mess that would remind producers you exist and are drama worthy. 

“There was a buildup to that. It was much longer and a lot more arguing in between that and all of that was cut out, so it looked like she said one word to me and I snapped and went off. And that’s not the case at all,” Traci begins. 


Traci also insists her behavior would have been different if she’d known it was a charity event. Mmmkay. “I had no idea it was a charity event at all. If I had known that, I probably would have tried to bite my tongue as I was walking out being disrespected by everybody, but I still would’ve held it in.”

“I still didn’t know until the next day when Tameka called me and said, ‘What’s going on? Why was you acting like that at my charity event?’ I was like, ‘Oh, that was a charity event?’ I’m like, ‘Damn, I did not know.’ I had no clue, so you know, the next day I had to apologize to Tameka because I had no idea that was for your son,” Traci claims. “In the past she sold clothes and when I walked in, I thought that’s what she was doing again. It was like four people in there, so when I walked in I was like, ‘Okay, nobody is here. She selling clothes. Oh, okay. That’s what this is.”

Regardless, Traci blames Tameka. “As soon as we walked in, she was just like she normally is, really standoff-ish and hard and a little rude. She was snapping on my girl and I’m like, ‘Dang, we just walked in the building. You going in on Torrei. Torrei really and truly was just defending herself, but everyone is going in on Torrei. I get why they’re going in on me, but they’re going in on Torrei because, ‘this is not the time and place.’ Well, hello? She [Tameka] was literally reading her [Torrei] up and down. Talking about what she got on and trying to play her. Nobody is going to stand for that. So Tameka basically started that and Torrei finished it.”

As for allegations that Tameka didn’t know Traci prior to the event, Traci insists this is not true. “I’ve done events with her—either hosting or DJing events for her and her kids,” explains Traci to Madame Noire. “We definitely know each other. She has my number, I have hers.”

Despite the fight, Traci she is still fine with Tameka, but Tameka has no concept of how to treat people. “We were never friends. I thought that Tameka, hmmm, she’s a cool person that has gone through so much that she’s really abrasive almost. You just have to let her be and stay away from her. Tameka has been through hell and back, so I think she’s just real hard from everything that she’s gone through.”

As for rumors that Torrei and Traci’s behavior spurned Tameka to quit the show, Traci denies being responsible. “She didn’t quit, she thought about it and then she figured, ‘I’m going to continue on with this because at the end of the day, I want to make everybody aware of what I’ve been through and what I’m doing now with my charity,’ and you know, try to raise awareness for her son and all the things she has going on. So she made the decision, ‘It’s best for me to be on the show because I’m doing so much and I want people to see what I’m doing.”

Traci adds that we will not see her on Atlanta Exes again. “No more cameos until I can figure out how someone can talk to me without me wanting to hit ‘em with a brick!” she explains.

Moving on to her friend Torrei, and the rumor that she ran into her ex Kevin Hart at a strip club the night he proposed to Eniko, Traci laughs. Apparently Torei is not bitter and she is fine with Kevin moving on, as she wants to move on to! Good for her! “Torrei really don’t care about homegirl,” says Traci. “She did initially, it bothered her initially, but but Torrei was like, ‘She’s going to be in his life, I just have to accept it and keep it moving.’” 

Finally Traci weighs in on being fired from L&HHATL. “When they told us, ‘You’re not going to come back next season,’ we were like, ‘Cool, let’s keep it moving.’ At the end of the day, we’re both still business people. We both still DJ. We both still hustle. We both have our own companies. It’s not hurting us.”

In fact, Traci shares that she is relieved because she is leaving reality TV behind to work on herself and “tone down” her explosive temper. “I kind of want to get out of the reality TV realm. I head out to LA in a few weeks and I’m sitting down with a couple of networks to figure out where we can incorporate me because at the end of the day, I’m a radio personality, I’m a host. So I can host television shows. I’m not just that chick that’s trying to fight everybody. I have other things going on.”

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