LeAnn And Eddie Recap – Designing For The Exes


What do you do when you’re upset about how the paparazzi and press are portraying you in the media? Well, you pack a clear bag full of scandalous items and wait to be photographed on Sunset Blvd, of course. Later, you’ll explain that it was just a publicity stunt for your new line of security safe handbags, but nothing could be twisted in the meantime, right? That’s exactly what LeAnn Rimes does on this episode of LeAnn and Eddie. Oh, and Eddie Cibrian decorates a room.

In the beginning of this episode, we find LeAnn and her interior designer working on a room in her home. There’s an issue on where to place the the 16 tables that are in the space. At one point, Precious is designed over with a pillow on the couch. That worried look in her eyes tells me that she might be needing a little more doggy therapy. Eddie shows up and LeAnn asks his opinion about the new table placement. He likes it, but LeAnn has them returned to their original places.

LeAnn and Eddie leave the house and pretend to be getting followed by the paparazzi. It was probably just some regular person in a Prius, driving to work, but Eddie gives them the finger anyway. Eddie wants to know why LeAnn always asks for his opinion on decorating the house, but then never takes it. She explains that she wants to include him and have discussions about the options, but ultimately, she knows what she wants. LeAnn decides it will be a nice idea for Eddie to have full control over decorating the media room. She promises not to give her opinion unless he asks for it.


The couple meet with one of Eddie’s friends to discuss their newest business endeavor. Fun fact: This friend of Eddie’s, happens to be he and Brandi’s wedding planner. Well, it turns out that she is now in the security safe handbag making business, and LeAnn wants a piece of the action, as she loves fashion. The handbags are clear/see through, so that they are safe to carry to places such as sporting events and airports. Eddie might not feel like his opinion is ever heard, but he certainly has a lot to say about fanny packs.


LeAnn has a beer friend with her good friend Liz. She tells her about her new line of handbags and says they need to think of a fun way to create some publicity for it. Liz comes up with the brilliant idea to use the paparazzi to market to the bag. She explains (and I’m paraphrasing)… “You know how the paparazzi are like, always following you around? I mean, they’ve already gotten pictures of you with that pregnancy test. So, how about you just fill the clear bag with all kinds of scandalous items? You know, pregnancy tests, booze, handcuffs, sex toys.” LeAnn thinks this is a brilliant idea.

Next, there is a slightly short and boring scene of Eddie and LeAnn shopping for decorations for the media room. The purpose of this is scene is to show Eddie giving LeAnn a taste of her own medicine. I’ll spare you the details.


LeAnn leaves to meet up with Liz for lunch and also to conduct Operation Dirty Handbag Publicity Stunt. Unfortunately, no one cares the paparazzi must have taken the day off. But wait! Liz thinks she sees one! No… it’s just a man jogging. Finally, a tour bus pulls up and points LeAnn out to the passengers, but there is still no publicity for the bag. If no paps show up, the girls agree that Plan B will be to break open the booze that is in the bag. LeAnn excuses herself to the ladies room, when a fellow mom from the boys’ school shows up. She eyes the bag of debauchery. Liz explains that LeAnn is in the restroom, but forgets to explain that they are in the middle of an elaborate publicity stunt for LeAnn’s new bags. LeAnn says it’s already hard enough being an outsider because of the fact that she’s a stepmom, but now the other moms are really going to believe everything that they have read about her. At last, two paps arrive and the girls can finally leave after having a few photos snapped.

Back at their home, Eddie shows LeAnn the progress that he has made on the media room. One of the main features being some kind of weird, miniature, elephant chair. LeAnn is like, who would buy that? Eddie explains he didn’t buy it, it came from storage. In fact, it was a wedding gift from his first marriage. (Why is that a theme of this episode?) Eddie also informs LeAnn that the mom from the lunch, called and canceled a play date that was scheduled with their boys. LeAnn worries that it’s because of her seeing her bag of goodies earlier that day. She’s going to have to have a talk with the mom.


Before LeAnn heads out to meet with the mother from the school, Eddie shows her even more progress on the media room. He has a lot of, um, interesting decorations. One of which is a set of bookends that appear to be two dogs high fiving. Eddie says it’s like a balance of energy, the two dogs want to touch, but they can’t. LeAnn says, “Oh, just like us in the beginning of our relationship.” (Hmm.. interesting comparison, but the only difference is that I think these two dogs, Eddie and LeAnn, did touch.) LeAnn meets with the mother from the boys’ school to clear the air. She explains what the deal with the handbag and it’s items were. It turns out, the mom did not even see the handbag, she just wasn’t feeling well because of morning sickness, and that’s why she canceled the playdate. All is well.

The media room is complete, and it’s time for Eddie to make his big reveal. Much to LeAnn’s surprise, she loves the room. All of the hideous items that were in the room previously (and the old wedding gift), were just there as a joke. Oh Eddie, what a prankster you are! LeAnn admits that Eddie has pretty good decorating taste, after all.

Next week on LeAnn and Eddie: The couple and their parents go on vacation and LeAnn thinks she might be pregnant. That baby storyline just never seems to get old, does it?


Recap Author: Cecile O’Neill

Photo Credit: VH1