Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Stars Talk Successes And Strategy Wednesday’s Episode!

million dollar listing la cast

Aaahhh… Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles one of my favorite reality shows in the Bravo stratosphere. This season brought the addition of antagonistic Brit duo David Parnes and James Harris. Not only do they love to bicker with Josh Altman (and really get under his skin), they love to bicker with each other! 

This week the brothers from another mother landed a massive opportunity in the form of a $48 million dollar spec home (eat your heart out Joe Gorga!), but unfortunately they couldn’t stop arguing long enough to formulate a solid plan to market the house – even though they partnered with Mauricio Umansky‘s The Agency (if you recall Mauricio once worked with Josh!). 

“With or without a piece of Pilates equipment, the property in Holmby Hills is a masterpiece from top to bottom,” writes David.  “James and I take our clients’ trust seriously, working tirelessly to meet their needs. I believe in visualization, organization, and planning while still thinking outside the box. And for a property of Faring’s magnitude, the marketing strategy must pull out all the stops to match.”


Despite the hiccup, David is confident they can sell the property – and agree on the way to do it! ” While James can definitely get frazzled, he brings up important points about outreach that cannot be ignored. He and I have our blow ups, but it is no matter, as once we cool down and bring our ideas to the table, we are unstoppable…stay tuned!” 

James concurs. Adding, “Closing on a property in the Platinum Triangle of Bel Air, Holmby Hills, and Beverly Hills will lead to extraordinary possibilities for the #BondStPartners team.” Still James admits that David’s “marketing” initiatives are “dizzying.” 

“We need people showing up at Faring to show our client we are taking the property seriously,” James insists. “Whilst I appreciate and understand how effective marketing can be, I also know that going back to basics and hitting the phones is imperative. Having a business partner is key, as you can’t always be right and having another opinion is important.”

Luckily for the boys, Mauricio isn’t the only agent willing to lend them a hand. Josh states that he’d be more than happy to steer those Brits in the right direction… right back to Britain! 

“My favorite part about David and James is they have seriously convinced themselves they sell more than me, which means they have convinced themselves they sell more than almost any agent out there! Ha,” Josh quips. Comparing the Altman Brothers to Bond Street Partners, Josh explains where James and David go wrong. “You must have a method to your madness, and hopefully The Spice Girls do. If not, like I let them know in the episode, I would be more than happy to mentor them.”

And the Brits aren’t the only ones getting a snub from AltmanJosh Flagg is not skating by unscathed. “And congrats to Flagg for selling the Bel Air property,” Josh says. “He can thank me for Kim Kardashian’s comp that he continues to refer to in Bel Air Crest.” 

Yes – Flagg set a record with a $9 million dollar sale in Bel Air Crest – despite the incredibly difficult Laney

“I worked really hard to get the word out there about this property, because it was previously listed at a higher (overpriced) number, and my hard work paid off. We got an offer, slightly low at first, but you really have to know how to work the negotiation and how to bring buyers up, because there is always a way to squeeze a tad more out of them,” Josh advises. “You just have to play your cards right. I always make it my goal to get my clients the most money possible. And I succeeded once again. $9,000,000 is a record for this community!” 

Oh – and of course he closes with a dig towards Altman! Naturally. (I love Josh Flagg!!) “Altman’s San Circle finally got an offer, let’s see if he can keep that one together. More important than a negotiation is keeping the house in escrow.”

[Photo Credit: Bravo]