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Even if you can’t stand Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, I recommend giving this episode of LeAnn and Eddie a shot. It features the couple taking a family vacation to Hawaii. Both sets of parents are really likable and the scenery is gorgeous. Just do your best to ignore the fake pregnancy storyline.

While the family is boarding a helicopter in Hawaii, we learn a little bit about the parents. Eddie’s parents have been married for over 40 years. LeAnn’s mom and stepfather, Ted, have been married for about 13 years. Leann says that she couldn’t ask for a better stepfather. From the minute the parents are in the picture, the show becomes ten times more entertaining. They all have strong personalities that are just hilarious.

The family arrives at the beautiful hotel. Everyone checks out their rooms then meets down at the beach. Eddie’s dad gives Eddie a hard time about not paddle boarding or scuba diving on vacation. Eddie says he just wants to relax. Someone points out that LeAnn’s mom has a virgin drink and they want to know why she’s not having any alcohol. She says she’s never been a drinker, never smoked, and never ran around on her husband. I couldn’t tell if that was a little jab at LeAnn by her mom, and I don’t think LeAnn could tell either because she double checks that she heard right with Eddie. He says that she definitely said that, but he must have just been very persuasive.

At dinner that evening, LeAnn declines having an alcoholic beverage because her and Eddie are trying to have a baby. Well, not trying, but just not preventing. She has stopped taking her birth control. This storyline is very Gretchen and Slade to me, especially with the rumors floating around that Eddie has been snipped, but who knows. Like I said earlier, just try to focus on the fun parts!

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The next morning, Eddie gives in and decides to take everyone paddleboarding. I think it’s awesome that the parents were willing to try something new. After, they go to a restaurant. When Eddie leaves the table, LeAnn announces that she feels sick and her boobs hurt. Eddie’s dad says that he feels the same way. (Haha!) You can see the excitement on LeAnn’s mom’s face. LeAnn tells everyone not to mention anything to Eddie. Eddie finally returns to the table and announces that he will be taking willing members of the party swimming with sharks! It’s a fun scene to watch. The holes in the shark cage look way too big for my liking, but everyone seemed to have a good time.

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The parents decided to break from the group and give Eddie and LeAnn some alone time. The couple decides to go horseback riding and claim that there was paparazzi on the trail. But, I could swear that it was just a sightseer taking photos of the scenery. LeAnn brings up that she might be pregnant and asks Eddie how he feels about it. He tries to keep a straight face and tells her that he’s ready. LeAnn asks how “Crazy,” (I’m assuming that means Brandi) will feel about them having a baby to which Eddie replies that he is sure she will talk s*** about the baby. Wow. I know Brandi does a lot of things, but I don’t know about speaking poorly about a baby. Seems a little extreme to me.

Meanwhile, the parents went out to get a pregnancy test. What a novel idea! They bring it to that evening’s dinner at the Luau. After discussing their horseback ride and why LeAnn’s mom is afraid of horses (spoiler alert: it’s because one bit her nipple), LeAnn tells everyone that she spilled the beans to Eddie about the possible pregnancy. The parents tell LeAnn to take the test they bought, but she wants to wait until the next day.

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The next morning, LeAnn pees in a wineglass and brings it out to be tested. Yes, I said “pees in a wineglass.” Surprise, surprise! LeAnn is not pregnant. Come on reality television writers! Give us something new! Eddie then scoops LeAnn up and announces that they are off to try making babies some more, and that is where this episode ends.


Recap Author: Cecille O’Neil

Photo Credit: VH1