Lisa Vanderpump Says A Certain Site Should ‘Check Their Sources’

Ken Giggy Lisa PUMP grand opening

Lisa Vanderpump has never been one to sit idly be when it comes to rumors — just ask Brandi Glanville! And the latest round of rumors, Lisa is treating no different.

RadarOnline recently published an article claiming that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her husband, Ken Todd, left a paltry one percent tip at a restaurant inside of Neiman Marcus. Now the restauranteurs are firing back saying, “If someone is trying to start trouble — they should check their sources.”


The claims are pretty preposterous. Radar claims that Lisa and Ken “ordered a ton of food and drinks and stayed for several hours. They left $5 cash on a $500 bill. She comes into Bar On 4 quite often. She is always loud, and doesn’t treat any of the staff with respect. She is the most obnoxious woman ever and gets what she gives.”

And it is not just Lisa who says the story is false. According to RumorFix, even Neiman Marcus came to the defense of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. “We have investigated the story circulating with regards to Ms. Vanderpump and have found there to be no truth to the malicious information being spread,” Ginger Reeder, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Neiman Marcus Group Services, said. “While it is our corporate policy not to comment on the shopping habits of our customers, however in this regard, I can confirm that Ms. Vanderpump is always a gracious customer and has not dined in the store in recent months. We have found nothing of credence in the story being circulated.”

Sounds pretty cut and dry if you ask me. Besides, do you really think Lisa — as the owner of multiple restaurants — would really do that? Lisa concludes, “How many people do they need to come forward to say it’s not true for them to stop?”

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